Abdullah Khawaja talks about being the founder and wrestling for the first-ever pro wrestling academy in Pakistan

Abdullah Khawaja lives in Lahore, Pakistan, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the Lahore School of Economics.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive of Wrestling Revolution Global, Pakistan’s first and only professional wrestling academy/touring company.

Q. Currently which promotion are you wrestling for?

– The promotion I wrestle for is Wrestling Revolution Global or WRG which is the only promotion in Pakistan that features local pro-wrestling talent.

Q. One of my questions was going to ask if you watched wrestling as a kid and what was your first wrestling memory?

– I have been a wrestling fan practically my entire life. In fact, my earliest childhood memory is me watching wrestling at my grandparents’ house, it was King of the Rings in 1998 and I watched the Undertaker throw Mankind off of the cell and I was immediately hooked for life.

Q. Who trained you?

– After I graduated I went to Dubai where I trained at the Dubai Pro Wrestling school known as Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy Dubai. My trainers were Savage Sam (Samir Elias Nassif) and Fayez al Emarat (Muhammad Al Braik).

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard the wrestling mat is, and then how hard are the ropes when you are running off them?

– The mat is very hard I’d say about 7 but the ropes are even harder, in fact, in my opinion, running the ropes is tougher than taking a bump, eventually one gets used to both.

Q. How is it wrestling for a smaller crowd than an average wrestling event?

– We’ve actually wrestled in front of very different sized audiences, small and large and both of them are special in their own way. WRG’s first-ever wrestling show was inside our own wrestling academy and only about a hundred people were there but it was a very special night for us.

Our most recent show was at Islamabad Eat which is a food and music festival and about 40 to 45 thousand people were in attendance (inside the venue not necessarily watching our show) but it was amazing experience performing in front of such a large audience.

Personally, I feel that the number of people is not as important as how involved the crowd is in wrestling and if they are having fun because it means we are doing our job right.

Q. Have you ever travelled to other countries to wrestle?

– Just Dubai for now, but I’m hoping to travel to other countries to get better at this art form as soon as the wrestling scene is established here in Pakistan.

Q. Where’s the weirdest place or what’s the strangest events you have wrestled at?

– I’d say the food and music festivals we wrestle at are pretty unique.

Q. Do you want to wrestle on a big show like Wrestlemania? Is that something you can imagine or is that not where you want to go with your career aspirations?

– Oh, man WrestleMania is the dream and a definite goal of mine. That’s why we all start right, to one day be on the grandest stage of them all.

Q. What’re your favorite matches of all times, if you could pick one or two?

– My all-time favourite is The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25.

Q. What your finisher?

– Al Snow’s says that your finisher is only a finisher if you beat someone with it a hundred times and I haven’t had that many matches yet, but I don’t have a go-to finishing move, I use different things to beat my opponent.

Q. To wrap things up is there anything that you would want to say to your fans, or anyone thinking about becoming a wrestler?

– The only thing that I want to say to anyone who has dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler is that don’t give up, make it your mission to pursue your dream and it will happen, you’ll have to believe that it will, no matter what you have to do.

I belong to a country where pro wrestling didn’t exist and now I’m in charge of the first-ever pro wrestling academy in Pakistan because I didn’t stop believing. If someone like me can do it, then anyone can.

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