AEW Double or Nothing 2020 5/23/20 – 23th May 2020 Live Result And Review

AEW Double or Nothing – 23th May 2020 Result And Review

WATCH: AEW Double or Nothing 2020 5/23/20 Online

Preview: AEW Double or Nothing will return to Las Vegas, NV on Saturday May 23rd, 2020 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Match 1: The Buy In: (Number One Contenders Match): Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen).

Bell rings, both men dominating each other in the ring, frequent tags were exchanged. Later, the team of Private Party took control of the match, where they delivered shooting star press to Trent. After a few actions in the ring, Kassidy once again delivers a shooting star press to Trent and went for the pin but it ended in two counts. Later Taylor delivered a flying double leg kick to Kassidy as Trent pins him for victory.

Winner: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent).

Match 2: Casino Ladder match for a future AEW World Championship match.

Bell rings, Darby Allin, Joey Janela, Sky and Kazaria start the match one by one, Orange Cassidy then walks in the match, and attacks others and places the ladder in the ring, Colt Cabana enters and starts to climb the ladders seeing this Sky and Kazarian slams him down to the ring.

Both Sky and Kazarian were then seen attacking Cassidy in the ring, Kip Sabian and Luchasaurus enter the match too, Brian Cage enters the match as a mystery final participant, he comes out with Tazz and tears the ladder apart which he carried with him.

Cage enters and takes down all the other participants in the ring, Cage then started to climb the ladder Cassidy jumped on his back and climbed with him. Seeing this all other participants followed him and attacked Cage.

All men took the fight out of the ring, where they buried Cage with foreign objects above him. In the ring, all men tried their best to climb the ladder but were taken down by others.

Later, Sabian was slammed down by Cassidy by a punch, seeing this Jimmy Havoc entered and attacked him. Chuck Taylor came running out and attacked Havoc. As Cassidy was about to climb, Luchasaurus stopped him.

All men continued to fight to climb the ladder, Luchasaurus was seen dominating everyone in the ring. Cage entered the ring and took out Luchasaurus, he then places the ladder in the ring, as he was entering the ring, Allin struggled to enter the ring, seeing this Cage slammed Allin’s head straight first to the ring canvas.

Cage then shifted his focus towards Allin and placed him in the ladder and lifted the ladder in a shoulder press and threw it out of the ring. Cage then climbed the ladder and took the chip down.

Winner: Brain Cage.

Match 3: Singles match MJF vs. Jungle Boy.

Bell ring, both men were equally matched in strength at the beginning of the match, Boy then held MJF in body scissors submission and slapped him. As MJF was about to make his way out he acted as if he hurt his knee, seeing this doctor entered the ring. As Boy was about to head to his corner, MJF runs towards him and attacked him from behind.

As MJF was attacking Boy, Boy brought the fight and rolled MJF and went for the pin but it ended in two counts. Frustrated MJF then attacked Boy by slamming him to the ringside turnbuckle and tried to pin but it ended in two counts.

Boy then continued to deliver cheat chops to MJF multiple times, seeing an opportunity, MJF throws Boy out of the ring, MJF followed him but Boy attacked him.

In the ring, Boy delivered a DDT to MJF and went for the pin but that to end in two counts. MJF took control of the match and focused on Boy’s left arm, they then exchanged some heavy chest chops to each other in the ring. Boy then delivered a flipping destroyer to which MJF quickly stood up and delivered a superkick and fell over Boy, as the referee continued for the pinfall, Boy held MJF in a submission, MJF breaks the hold and attacks Boy. Boy, then threw MJF out of the ring, where MJF’s head hit the edge of the ring post.

Boy then throws MJF in the ring and climbs the ropes, MJF saw this and pushed the referee to the ring ropes to which the Boy trips. MJF climbs then ropes, seeing this Boy delivers powerbomb to MJF and went for the pin but it ended in two counts.

As MJF was about to attack Boy, Boy backslides MJF and tried to pin him, MJF rolled out, both men then rolled each other multiple times for the pinfalls but it ended in two counts, as then MJF rolled Boy once again and pulled his hand too this time and pinned him for three counts win.

Winner: MJF.

Match 4: Inaugural AEW TNT Championship Match: Cody vs. Lance Archer.

Before the match, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson comes out with the TNT Championship title.

Bell rings, Archer quickly tried to slam Rhodes to the ring, Rhodes rolled out of the ring. Later, Archer was seen taking control of Rhodes, as Archer as about to take out a foreign object from below the ring, Rhodes runs towards him and kicks him out.

Archer then slammed Rhodes at the ringside barricade and threw him in the ring. Archer then continued to dominate Rhodes by punching him on the face and delivering a reversal right arm slam to the ring canvas. Tyson was seen enjoying this sight from out of the ring.

Archer then delivered a chest chop to Rhodes, Rhodes quickly held Archer in a jackhammer slam but left him as his back was hurt. Archer then delivered a German suplex to Rhodes and ripped the ring’s turnbuckle with one hand. As Archer was about to slam Rhodes to it, Rhodes slammed Archer’s head on the exposed turnbuckle.

Rhodes then attacked Archer in the ring, seeing an opportunity, Archer picked up Rhodes and threw him out of the ring and continued to attack him.

Later in the ring, Archer delivered a body splash to Rhodes and went for the pin but it ended in two counts. Rhodes rolls out of the ring, as Archer followed him, Rhodes delivers three massive chest chops to him. Archer then quickly slammed Rhodes to the ringside turnbuckle. Rhodes then stood up on his feet ad tried to attacks Archer, but Archer didn’t feel the pain and slammed Rhodes down.

Later in the ring, as Archer as arguing with the referee, Rhodes rolled Archer backwards and held him in cross face submission. Jack Roberts tried to interfere, as Rhodes delivered a DDT to Archer. Archer then quickly delivered a spine buster to Rhodes and argues with Arn Anderson.

Seeing this Rhodes deliver a swinging cutter to Archer, both men then attacked each other. Later, Rhodes delivers Cross Rhodes to Archer followed by a Stinger Splash and tried to pin him, Archer kicks out at two counts. Frustrated Archer then slams Rhodes head backwards to the ring canvas.

Archer then climbs then ring ropes by holding Rhodes’ arm, Robert distracts the referee, seeing this Anderson pushed Archer. Archer trips but stayed on the top of the ring ropes, seeing this Rhodes slams Archer to the ring canvas.

Another referee comes out and explains to the in-ring referee what just happend and they threw Anderson backstage. Archer took advantage and attacked Rhodes, Robert then tried to throw a snake in the ring, Tyson stops him. Seeing this Rhodes delivers the Cross Rhodes to Archer and pins him fro victory.

Winner: Inaugural AEW TNT Champion: Cody Rhodes.

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Match 5: Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander.

Bell rings, both women brought the fight in the ring, but mostly Statlander was dominating Ford. Statlander then delivered a German suplex to Ford and tried to pin but it ended in two counts.

Later, Statlander places Ford at the top of the ring ropes, Ford pushed her away, but quickly then delivered a Hurricanrana and then slams Ford to the ring and pinned her for victory.

Winner: Kris Statlander.

Match 6: Singles Match: Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears.

Spears comes out in a suit and mocks Dustin Rhodes as he assumed that he is not here, then suddenly Dustin Rhodes’ music hits and Spears laughs as he planned this earlier. Spears then demanded the referee to ring the bell and start to count and count out Dustin Rhodes.

As the bell rings, Dustin Rhodes music hits and Brandi Rhodes comes out. As Spears was looking at her, Dustin Rhodes appears from behind and attacks Spears.

Dustin then rips Spears’ shirt and delivered a few chest chops to him. Spears then took control of the match, Dustin fought back and delivered a power slam to Spears. Dustin then rips Spears pants and spanks on his back as he tried to run out of the ring.

Dustin then delivers an atomic drop and they took the fight out of the ring. Later in the ring, Dustin delivered a power recurring slam and pins, Spears, for victory.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes.

Match 7: AEW Women’s World Championship (No DQ/No Count-Out) Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida.

Bell rings, Shida quickly delivers a standing double leg dropkick to Rose, she then grabs the Kendel stick from Rose and attacks her. Rose then grabs the Kendal Stick and attacks Shida and throws it away. Rose then tried to pin Shida as it ends in two counts.

Shida then took the fight out of the ring, where she kicked on Rose’s face. Rose then pressed Shida face at the ringside barricade. Rose then throws Shida over the ringside poker table and attacks her with a chair.

Rose then place Shida’s head on one chair and grabs another chair and chokes her with it. Rose then throws Shida in the ring and delivers a running crossbody slam, Rose then tried to pin but Shida kicks out.

As Rose tried to deliver a power slam to Shida, Shida rolls out and attacks Rose. Rose then attacks Shida and throws her out of the ring with a vicious clothesline. Out of the ring, Shida delivers a kick on her head from behind and throws her over the ringside barricade. Both women tried to slam each other at the poker chip out there but only Shida was successfully to slam Rose to it. Shida then delivered a running knee kick to Rose and attacks Rose with a Kendel stick.

In the ring, Shida continued to attack Rose with a Kendel stick and delivered a brainbuster upon the stick later. Shida then delivered a running kick and tried to pin Rose but it ended in two counts. Rose then fought back and delivered a running power slam to Shida and both women were left lying in the ring.

Rose quickly gets up and places Shida at the ring ropes and delivers a flying knee kick to the back of her head, Rose then tried to pin but Shida kicks out.

Rose the places a table in the ring, seeing this Shida fought back but fell short as Rose delivered a scoop cutter slammed her to the ring, Rose then tried to pin but Shida but she kicks out once again.

Rose then delivered a death driver slam and continued to attack Shida with the Kendel stick. As Rose was climbing the ropes, Shida throws the Kendel stick at her and delivers a Falcon arrow a goes for the pin but Rose kicks out. Shida then delivers a running knee kick and tried to pin Rose but she kicked out at two counts.

Shida then continued to attack with the Kendel stick and delivered a running knee strike to her and pins her for victory.

Winner: And New AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida.

Match 8: AEW World Championship Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee.

Bell rings, Moxley heads straight towards Lee, Lee attacks him. they took the fight out of the ring, where Moxley slams Lee to the ringside barricade. Lee then attacks Moxley at his lower back.

In the ring, Moxley was been dominated by Lee, where Lee continued to deliver three fisherman suplex. Lee then went out to the entrance ramp and delivered a running suicide dive to Moxley. Lee then attacked Moxley out of the ring, where Moxley’s body was slammed to the steel table.

Lee then threw Moxley in the ring, both men then exchanged punches. Lee then quickly delivered a back body suplex to Moxley, Moxley fought back and attacked Lee and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts.

Moxley then rolls out of the ring and sets up the steel steps, seeing this both men runs towards each other where Lee delivered a jumping kick to Moxley’s midsection. Then Lee places Moxley at the top of the steel steps, seeing this Moxley flips Lee backwards and slams him at the floor.

Moxley then throws Lee in the ring, Lee then quickly delivers a suplex from the top of the ropes then Moxley rolls him back and tried to pin but it ended in two counts.

Both men took the fight out of the ring, where Lee slammed Moxley at the floor. Lee enters the ring, Moxley struggles his way in the ring, Lee then grabs Moxley and kicks him on his face and delivered a powerbomb, Moxley then desperately kicks out of the pinfall. Lee stood up on his feet, Moxley rolls out of the ring.

Moxley crawled his way out to the stage area where he threw the fibreglass poker chip to Lee and delivered a DDT on the entrance ramp which broke and both men fell inside it.

Moxley rolls out of it and Lee comes out bleeding, in the ring, Moxley attacks Lee and goes for the pinfall as it ends in two counts. Frustrated Moxley delivered a DDT to Lee and tried to pin him but it ends in two counts once again. Moxley then holds Lee in a sleeper hold, as Lee was not able to fight back, the referee rings the bell which allowed Moxley to retain his AEW Championship.

Winner: Jon Moxley.

Match 9: Stadium Stampede Match: Falls Count Anywhere in the Stadium: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, & Jake Hager) vs. The Elite (World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, Matt & Nick Jackson, & Matt Hardy).

Bell rings, both teams run towards each other and start the brawl. Omega was seen slamming Guevara’s face to the ground, as Guevara stands up, Page appears there with a horse and runs behind Guevara.

In the ring, Nick and Matt were seen attacking Jericho. Seeing this Santana and Ortiz enters the ring and takes out The Young Bucks. Omega enters the ring, and take out Santana and Ortiz. Then Hager enters the ring and takes out Omega. To which Hardy tries to save Omega, but all The Inner Circle members attack him.

Guevara runs towards the ring and jumps over Hardy, seeing this Omega saves Hardy from Guevara. Once again all hell breaks loose in and out of the ring. Guevara then quickly delivers a shooting star press to everyone out of the ring.

Then Jericho and Guevara slams Matt and Nick at the goal post and continued to attack them. Matt and Nick fought back, where then slams Guevara to the back of Jericho, later Matt climbs the top of the goal post and delivers a shooting star press to Jericho and Matt then tried to pin them but it ends in two counts.

Ortiz and Omega continued to fight at the audience stand along with Hardy and Santana, Page was seen riding his horse in search of Guevara at the parking lost and he then leaves his horse and head to the bar area.

Omega and Hardy were seen fighting with Ortiz and Santana. As Omega was about to slams Santana to the steel board placed there, Ortiz quickly threw some crystal powder to Omega’s eyes and blinded him, Ortiz and Santana slammed Omega to the steel steps and it broke in half.

Seeing this Hardy comes out to rescue Omega, to which in return, Hardy gets beat up by Santana and Ortiz. They threw Hardy to the swimming pool nearby and pulled him down inside the water, where Hardy quickly changed his costume and became a member of Team Extreme and attacked them. They once again pulled him inside the water where Hardy emerged with his Delete character and pulls both Santana and Ortiz down in the water.

Hardy comes out out the water and Ortiz comes out too, Hardy then slams the stadium bell on his head and places him in a wheelchair, Hardy then duct tapes Ortiz and continues to attack Santana. As Santana was about to deliver a reversal body slam to Hardy to the ice cooler area, Hardy roll out and locks Santana inside the ice cooler area and locks it.

Later, Hager was in search of Page, Hager saw the horse near the bar area and walk inside the bar. Hager sat next to Page for a few seconds and then they fought. Hager then slams Page to the pool table and places him at the bar table and pulls him to the end of the table by sliding him over the other drinks.

Hager then slams Page to the table nearby and goes for the pin, Page kicks out at two counts. Omega heads towards the bar, Omege and Page brought the fight to Hager and takes him out. Later Omega was seen drinking milk and Page was seen having whiskey.

At the stadium, Guevara and Matt were seen fighting with each other where they delivered multiple suplexes to each other, on the other side Nick and Jericho were seen in a fight, Matt and Guevara were still delivering suplex to each other. Nick then delivered a standing kick to Jericho, Jericho fought back but became a victim of Nick’s superkick. Jericho then attacked Nick and went for the pinfall to which Nick kicks out at two counts, Jericho then demanded a reply to the referee as he thinks that it was a three count.

Otherside, Matt and Guevara continued the suplex cycle where they reached the finish line, Guevara was left unconscious. Nick got up with a smile and went to save his brother, they then attacked Jericho, Matt then delivered a running from the audience stand to the stadium ground, a suicide dive to Jericho.

Guevara was tired at this point of time and he kept crawling towards Jericho to help him but the groundwater splashed over him. As he got up, Hardy and Omega approached him with a mini jeep, seeing this Guevara climbs the stadium barricade and runs away. Hardy and Omega follows him, Guevara then attacks Omega, as he was attacking him, Hardy gets his latest drone and this distracted Guevara. Seeing this Omega slams Guevara to the table set on the ground from the audience stand, Omega then pins Guevara to score the victory for his team.

Winner: The Elite (World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, Matt & Nick Jackson, & Matt Hardy).

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