AEW Dynamite 2019 – 10/23/19 – 23rd October 2019 Live Result

WATCH: AEW Dynamite 10/23/19 (Full Show)

Show starts,

Match 1: Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy) vs The Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Fénix) – AEW Tag Team Title Tournament.

Bell ring, both teams frequently tag each other in and out of the ring. Later, Quen and Pentagón were seen in the ring where Fénix too joined Pentagón and attacked Quen, as Kassidy was lying out of the ring in pain.

Pentagón then tags Fénix, Fénix climbs the ropes and hits a 360 flip dive to Kassidy out of the ring. In the ring, Pentagón and Fénix attack Quen, desperately Quen tags Kassidy.

Kassidy hits a flip over the rope bomb over Fénix and goes for the pin as Fenix kicks out. Kassidy then tags Quen, seeing this Fénix superkicks Quen. Quickly Quen and Kassidy attack Fénix, Quen then hits and 450 splash over Fenix and goes for the pin as it ended in two counts.

Later, Pentagón enters the ring and attacks both Quen and Kassidy, he was later joined by Fénix. Seeing an opening to attack, Kassidy attacks Fénix and tells Quen to go for the pin as Pentagón interrupted attacks both of them. As Kassidy and Fénix continue to fight out of the ring, Pentagón attacks Quen in the ring and pins him for victory.

Winner: The Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Fénix).

Match 2: The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Frank Kazarian and Scorpio Sky).

Bell rings, Kazarian and Grayson start the match, Kazarian was seen dominating Grayson at the beginning. Kazarian then tags Sky, seeing this Grayson tags Uno. Then both Grayson and Uno attacked Sky in the ring and Uno later tags Grayson.

Then Grayson was seeing holding Sky in a sleeper hold, as Sky breaks it Uno comes running in the ring to save his teammate. Later, Uno was seen standing on the chest of Sky near the ropes as the referee breaks the hold. The Drak Order was seen tagging each other frequently during the match, the AEW Champion Chris Jericho was seen walking around the arena with his teammates as made his way through the crowd by holding the show tickets on his hand.

In the ring, legal men in the ring, Kazarian and Uno, Where Kazarian delivered a rollover back body slam to Uno, seeing this Grayson enters the ring and slams Kazarian to the ring with a fisherman suplex for the top of the ring. Sky comes to help Kazarian, in turn, gets attacked by Grayson.

Later in the ring, Grayson was held in a submission by Kazarian and Sky was holding Uno in a submission. Grayson gets up and runs towards Uno and thus breaking his and Uno’s submission hold.

Legal men at this time, Uno and Sky in the ring, Uno hits a side slam to Sky and goes for the pin as Sky kicks out, Uno then tags Grayson, Grayson hits a DDT to Sky and goes for the pin as Sky kicks out. Kazarian enters the ring to assist Sky. At the point of time, the fired-up Sky attacks Uno and pins him for victory.

Winner: SoCal Uncensored (Frank Kazarian and Scorpio Sky).

Match 3: Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega.

Bell rings, Janela quickly hold Omega in a left arm lock submission to which Omega converts and inturn holds Janela in a left arm submission hold.

Janela breaks the hold and tries to roll out of the ring as Omega kicks him. Omega then throws Janela in the ring and hits him with chest chops at the turnbuckle. Janela then turns and attacks Omega, as Omega was seen hitting Janela with a kick to which Janela too kicks Omega with a kick in return.

After the commercial, Janela was seen dominating Omega in the ring with a series of chest chops from the rope of the ropes, as Janela was attacking Omega, Omega slide out from the bottom of the ropes and slams Janela’s face to the ring ropes.

Later, Janela gets up and attacks Omega in the ring and hits a vicious clothesline to Omega and goes for the pin and he kicks out at two counts. Later as Janela was about to hit a 450 splash to Omega to the ringside, Omega rolls out thus Janela ended up attacking himself. To which Omega throws Janela in the ring and hits him with a sit-out powerbomb and pins Janela for victory.

Winner: Kenny Omega.

Cody Rhodes makes his way out to the ring.

After the commercial, as Cody was about to make his announcement. Seeing this Chris Jericho and his teammates caused a distraction by blowing horns and not allowing Cody to speak.

At this time, Cody said to Jericho to shut up or he will walk up to him and beat the hell out of him. Hearing this Jericho asked Cody to come up and face him like a man, as Cody stepped out of the ring, Jericho reminded him that he is alone and Cody is alone as he fell short to the numbers game. To which his brother Goldust, MJF and DDP come to assist Cody.

Seeing this Jericho and his teammates locked them behind the glass door to which Cody punches the glass door breaks it and attacks Jericho. The security quickly comes to stop the fight, as Jericho shows his ticket which he purchased to watch the show.

Match 4: Best Friends (Chuckie T and Beretta) vs. The Young Bucks (Matthew and Nicholas Massie).

Bell rings, Matthew and Nicholas were seen tagging each other at the early stage of the match frequently as they attacked Beretta. Beretta rolls out of the ring as T quickly attacks The Young Bucks out of the ring.

In the ring, Beretta was seen attacking Matthew with a knee drop and elbow strikes to the jaw. After the commercial, legal men in the ring T and Nicholas, T delivers a falcon arrow to Matthew and goes for the pin as he kicks out at two counts. T then places Matthew at the top of the ropes to which Beretta comes from behind and slams Matthew to the ring with a German Superlx.

Later, T picks up Matthew over his shoulders to allow Beretta to hit a flying knee drop, seeing this before the attacks Nicholas enters the ring and together Matthew and Nicholas keep delivering superkicks to T and Beretta and pins them for victory.

Winner: The Young Bucks (Matthew and Nicholas Massie).

Match 5: Jamie Hayter vs. Britt Baker.

Bell rings, series of punches were seen being exchanged by both the wrestler. Later, out of the ring, they were seen attacking each other.

In the ring, Baker gained control of the match were she was seen dominating Hayter by series of punches. Hayter quickly gained control of the match as she slammed Baker to the ring and held her in a lower back submission hold, Hayter then converted the submission to the headlock. Baker gained momentum and attacks Hayter and pinned her for victory.

Winner: Britt Baker.

Match 6: PAC vs. Jon Moxley.

As Moxley was making his ring entrance PAC attacked him from behind with a steel chair.

Later in the ring, bell rings, PAC kicks Moxley and takes him down and goes over the ropes, seeing this Moxley rolls out of the ring. PAC still manages to hit a splash to Moxley out of the ring.

In the ring, PAC delivers a lateral press slam to Moxley and goes for the pin as Moxley kicks out. Moxley then quickly carries PAC to the ring ropes and attack him to which PAC in return attacks him as Moxley rolls out of the ring.

PAC then throws Moxley in the ring and goes for the pin as he kicks out. PAC then held Moxley in a chin hold submission to which Moxley punched PAC on his midsection and breaks the hold. As Moxley still manages to hit chest chops to PAC, PAC hits kicks after kicks to Moxley’s head and chest and goes for the pin as he kicks out at two again.

As Moxley was rolling out of the ring PAC held him from behind to which Moxley hits a running bulldog and pushed PAC inside the ring. Both men were seen exchanging punches at each other followed by running elbow punch to PAC at the ringside. Moxley then delivers and reverse bodyslam to PAC and goes for the pin as he kicks out at two.

As PAC rolls out of the ring Moxley delivers and suicide dive, Moxley then throws PAC in the ring without wasting any time hits a black hole slam to PAC and followed by a kick to the side face, Moxley then covered PAC and ends up again for two counts.

With four minutes remaining for the TV time, Moxley climbs the ropes, seeing this PAC runs towards him and kicks Moxley’s on his head.

With three minutes remaining, PAC hits a falcon arrow to Moxley from the top of the ropes to the ring and goes for the pin as Moxley kicks out at two. As PAC climbs the ropes Moxley rolls away then PAC ended hurting himself. PAC was pinned as he kicks out at two counts.

WIth two min remaining, PAC delivers and black arrow splash to Moxley, as Moxley rolls out and PAC ended up damaging himself even more.

With 30 sec remaining, Moxley attacks PAC and goes for the pin as PAC kicks out at two counts and as the time went out of hand the referee declared the match is a draw.

Frustrated Moxley hits a DDT to the referee as the show ends.

Winner: No Winner – as PAC and Jon Moxley didn’t pin before the time limit.

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