AEW Wants Sting To Wrestle

AEW thinks that Sting can still wrestle at the age of 61 is a part of the reason they signed him.

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reported, “Even with his advanced age, there are plans for Sting to eventually enter the ring in AEW. A year ago, in regards to one more match, Sting told Sports Illustrated, “I could get in condition and I could pull it off.” That does not mean Sting will wrestle weekly on Dynamite. The goal for AEW is to leverage Sting’s star power. The possibility exists for cinematic matches, tag matches, and carefully designed spots that allow Sting to shine while also building those around him into even bigger stars.”

There is no doubt that Sting wants to end his career in his terms. It’s been said that he pitched a cinematic match with The Undertaker and this idea with dismissed by Vince McMahon. Now with Sting being signed with AEW, AEW will be benefited with his star power.

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