AJ Styles Furious With Paul Heyman

AJ Styles Furious With Paul Heyman

The newly crowned Intercontentional Champion AJ Styles accuses former Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman of the firings of his best friends in the business, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

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The firing was ultimately in the hands of Vince McMahon but Styles is angry that Heyman didn’t fight to retain them. Styles has publically spoken about it on After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves that losing his friends from the company has destroyed him completely and moving him to SmackDown has helped him a lot as he couldn’t think of them not having around.

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A source within the company said that Styles was not happy on Raw, the source said, ‘I’ve heard a couple of versions of the story but it is all basically the same thing. AJ Styles has a horrible time on Raw. He and Heyman didn’t get along & he couldn’t handle the banter as the locker room would make fun of him and his politics/conspiracy theories.’

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