Alexa Bliss Was Heart Broken

Currently, Alexa Bliss is one of the biggest talents in women’s division today she has won may championships in WWE also became Miss. Money in the Bank. However, there is one thing she is heartbroken over something she never got to do.

She was scheduled for a tag team match in all women’s pay-per-view Evolution which was changed later. In a recent interview with Fox, Bliss said, “Unfortunately, I was dealing with a concussion, and I had to do a live event. WWE wanted me to get back in the ring before Evolution. I was booked on the live events, and during a live event, I ended up getting re-concussed again. I remember being in the trainer’s room after, and they said, ‘you’re concussed again. That means no Evolution,’ which really sucked”

She continued, “It was heartbreaking because they said, ‘take the impact test. There’s a chance you might get cleared right before Evolution. We’ll have you’re feeling,’ and I ended up having really bad vertigo from the concussions. I couldn’t do anything, and I found out literally as I was flying to Evolution I wasn’t going to be cleared. It sucked, but it was a lot of fun being part of that moment and being able to watch it as a fan.” Hopefully, WWE could fulfill her dreams with another Evolution PPV down the line.

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