Becky Lynch Wanted To Wrestle Pregnant

Becky Lynch has forfeited the Raw Women’s Championship on Raw a few weeks back and handed it to the Miss Money in the Bank winner Asuka.

In a recent interview at the Bell Twins Podcast, Lynch revealed that she wanted to wrestler and lose the title, Lynch said, “Oh frick, is there a way that she can just beat me real quick?” Colby’s (Seth) like, “No! No, you’re not – no!”

Becky then thought about have a tournament for the title, she continued, “So then we talked a lot and then decided, like, what if there’s a tournament for the number one contender ship so the people, they don’t know that they’re actually going to be competing for the title? ‘And then right as they go to have las match, whoever gets there at the end, then I tell them, ‘Well, actually there is for the title.’ But Money in the Bank was happening at the same time, so it was too confusing to merge the two, so they just decided that they would do the Money in the Bank ladder match and have that as the title match, essentially, but without them knowing.”

We are glad that Seth Rollins didn’t allow Lynch to wrestlers as it might lead to some risk at the early stage of pregnancy. The transfer of the title was done well, as it allowed her to take some deserving time off from WWE.

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