Big Show Reveals Brock Lesnar Saved His Career In WWE

Big Show Reveals Brock Lesnar Saved His Career In WWE

As we know that Big Show will be in WWE Hall of Fame in years to come, but many fans do forget how much he has struggled during his days when he first came to WWF, as at one point WWE has sent Big Show to it then developmental territory back then OVW to lose weight and get in shape.

During his time in OVW be became friends with a fellow wrestler who went on to become a megastar of the 21st century, Brock Lesnar. In a recent interview Show revealed that he was set to face Lesnar in a match at OVW, and as Show was new he didn’t know how to wrestle at all to which he said, “And Brock and I, because we trusted each other, we actually just went out there and tore the house down and had fun. And that was one of the first agent reports that went from the live events and went back to Vince. Vince said to me ‘so you work pretty well with Brock?’ And I said ‘yeah.’ And then it went along and they asked Brock who he wanted to work with and he said to me. He said ‘he’s a giant who can work.’ So that kind of endorsement, they were forced to take another look at me and I was able to make the best of that opportunity.” Big Show then returned to the main roster and never looked back.

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