Braun Strowman Was Paralysed!

The reigning Universal Champion Braun Strowman recently took on social media and spoke about how once he was almost homeless and went on to be one of the hardest workers in WWE.

Strowman posted on his seven years long in WWE and how he worked multiple jobs to support his training, the Universal Champion said, “So it dawned on me just now. This selfie I took was 7 years ago this past weekend when my life forever changed. You see in this pic this was my tiny @kiamotorsusa #Soul that I packed with everything I owned to head to Florida with 150$ to my name. For the 8 months prior to that, I was pretty much homeless. I would stay at friend’s houses and sleep where I could because I was jobless minus some part-time security work here and there. I had put every ounce of my being into strongman for many years.”

Strowman continued, “I moved to fl in 2012 and things didn’t turn out as planned. I tried everything I could to make a living and still compete at the highest level in strongman and there just wasn’t enough money in the sport at the time to live and do it and at that level. There was no time for a full-time job because training and traveling was so demanding. But walking away from a sport I loved so much was very hard to do. I devoted my life to training and trying to be one of the strongest men to walk the earth. Now looking back it was the best decision of my life. I took a chance I had no idea what I was getting into when I started with @wwe 7 days into learning to be a wrestler I had two broken ribs. For pretty much two years when I was in developmental I was injured from ribs to torn PCL to rupturing my L5S1 disk and paralyzing my left leg that required emergency surgery to allow me to walk again ( thus why my left calf pretty much doesn’t exist to this day because of the atrophy) I refused to let any of that stop me because I fell in love with the Business that is sports entertainment and I knew deep down inside that God put me on this earth to be one and I am beyond blessed to look back now and see what I had to go through to get to where I am now. And the moral of this whole long sappy post is if you refuse to give up on yourself the world won’t give up on you!!!!! And don’t let anyone ever tell you hard work doesn’t pay off!!!!!! #DontGiveUpOnYourSelf #YouCanDoIt #HardWorkPaysOff #ChooseYourOwnPath”

That was a very inspirational post from Strowman but many others in WWE started with a struggle. But look at Strowman now he is our Universal Champion and he will be facing Bray Wyatt at The Horror Show Extreme Rules in a Swamp Fight Match.

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