Cain Velasquez Released From WWE

Cain Velasquez was signed by WWE after a very successful career in UFC on the month on November.

Velasquez was already looking to make a debut in pro wrestling and was negotiating deals with AEW back then. He also considered debuting in AAA Wrestling promotion in Mexico. This is when WWE approached him with a huge contract deal.

He has then seen in SmackDown on Fox where he was engaged in a feud with his old UFC opponent and then WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and faced him at WWE Crown Jewel at Saudi Arabia.

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The Mexican brawler lost the match in a blink of an eye by Lesnar and was never seen in WWE since. There was a plan for him to be in Royal Rumble 2020 but this idea was dropped later. It was later revealed that he was suffering from a knee injury.

With now being released from WWE, Velasquez could debut in AAA Wrestling in Mexico.

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