Cody Comments On Sammy Guevara’s Suspension

AEW’s Sammy Guevara has begun his suspension in the company following his comments on a very inappropriate nature on a podcast which he did many years ago.

AEW has suspended Guevara without pay where his salary will be given to a women’s charity based on Jacksonville and also signing him for a sensitive training till the end of his suspension period. Several fans have tweeted in support of Guevara during these times. One of the fans has tweeted Cody to reinstate Guevara, to which Cody replied, ‘Sammy will return and he will be a better professional wrestler and a better man when he returns.’ Despite the nature of that comment there is that confidence that Guevara will be a reformed person.

Guevara has spoken to Sasha Banks and both parties have been heard, Guevara is very apologetic of the comments he made. Banks has spoken about this that it’s a great opportunity to learn when Guevara will return I don’t think that this will damage his career for the long term as many believed that it will.

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