Drew McIntyre To Be A Megastar On Raw, Vince McMahon Buying XFL Again, More On AEW, Ric Flair And Taynari Conti

  • WWE has instructed all media outlets to introduce Drew McIntyre as ‘The Star of Monday Night Raw’ whenever he is in an interview
  • As per the current environment, WWE is not worried if the released Superstars will sign with AEW or not
  • It’s been said that Vince McMahon declaring bankruptcy for XFL is an act to avoid paying his debts so that he could buy the league at cheap price (READ)
  • In a recent interview, it was said that Ric Flair is currently not under any contract with WWE
  • In an interview, Taynari Conti claimed that WWE has asked her not to say ‘crazy’ on WWE TV as she sometimes taunts her opponents by saying “are you crazy?” (READ)

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