“El Guapo” Carlos Zamora talks about his pro wrestling journey so far

Carlos has the experience in MMA to make it seem like professional wrestling is second nature for someone with a couple of years in the business. Experience from television to know how to act to make the audience hate you, and the look to enhance that cocky type of character.

From what I’ve seen of Carlos he can play both the scrappy and talented babyface that fights with every fiber of his body while also being able to play the cocky heel that seems to have everything it takes to make it in the business yet still cheats and takes shortcuts.

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Q. Currently which promotion are you wrestling for?

  • Since I’m from Denmark, I wrestle for all promotions there – Copenhagen Championship Wrestling, Danish PW, BODYSLAM, In Sweden – Gbg, Sws, Halmstad. In Germany- Maximum Wrestling and in the Philippines – PWR.

Q. One of my questions was going to ask if you watched wrestling as a kid and what was your first wrestling memory?

  • My first memory would be Mexican wrestling and WCW. loved it.

Q. Who trained you?

  • Mostly self-trained, but I credit Kay Jutler, Lou King Sharp, Zack Gibson.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard the wrestling mat is, and then how hard are the ropes when you are running off them?

  • In Germany the ring is hard. In Liverpool and Wales, they are even worse in some parts. Best ropes I’ve tried was at the WWE UK performance centre. That was heaven.

Q. How is it wrestling for a smaller crowd than an average wrestling event?

  • It all depends on the crowd. 100 rowdy are fantastic than 400 silent.

Q. Have you ever travelled to other countries to wrestle?

  • Yes. 2019 has been amazing. I’ve been in the Philippines, UK, Finland, Germany. Hoping to hit some more like Japan, India and the USA.

Q. Where’s the weirdest place or what’s the strangest events you have wrestled at?

  • In a parking lot and Wales at an outdoor event in the middle of nowhere.

Q. Do you want to wrestle on a big show like Wrestlemania? Is that something you can imagine or is that not where you want to go with your career aspirations?

  • I’m going that way.

Q. What’re your favourite matches of all times, if you could pick one or two?

  • Kenny Omega vs Pac at AEW PPV.

Q. What your finisher?

  • Zero fear or Swanton.

Q. To wrap things up is there anything that you would want to say to your fans, or anyone thinking about becoming a wrestler?

  • Please be safe. Go to the gym and get a decent look. Way too many don’t look the part and get sloppy while performing. Work hard. watch matches of today. Study them. Protect our business.

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