Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Alleged Sexual Assault

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio who’s real name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, is arrested for sexual assault charges.

A woman has approached the authorities with some photographs and graphic of an alleged beating and sexual assault. She then told them that Del Rio has been assaulting her multiple times on various occasions. She further accused him of threatening to drop her son in the middle of the road somewhere.

The most recent incident took place on May 3rd, where Del Rio repeatedly slapped her across her face when she was not accepting the disloyalty as he accused her of being unfaithful. She then added that Del Rio told her to put on a dress and dance for him, he threatened her with abandoning her son if she cried.

This entire incident comes out as a shock as the women further added, Del Rio would tie her hands with boxing straps and puts a sock in her mouth and sexually assault her for hours. Currently, Del Rio is facing second-degree charges concerning sexual assault and is set to pay the fine of $50,000.

Del Rio has faced domestic battery charges before from his partner at that time WWE Superstar Paige, later said that he did not touch her during the incident.

Del Rio last wrestled for WWE in 2017 and also had a loss in his MMA career later to the great Tito Ortiz.

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