Four Horsemen Coming To AEW?

Four Horsemen Coming To AEW?

One of the hottest rumors going on in wrestling today is that AEW is forming its own version of the legendry fraction Four Horsemen.

Ringside News gave an interesting view on this, “Shawn Spears’ manager is Tully Blanchard who is famous for him time as a Horseman. Spears tweeted out a simply roman numeral of the number 4 on the night of Fyter Fest. This caused a lit of fans to wonder what was going on. Perhaps a 4 Horsemen was being teased?”

Adding to the possibilities, “Dax Harwood and Cody Rhodes happen to share a birthday. When Rhodes sent out a message on both of their birthdays, he went with a tweet saying: “Happy Birthday! Digging your truck looks like it has a lot of horsepowers.”

Currently, the line up for the AEW’s version of Four Horsemen is Cody, FTR, and Shawn Spears. Cody thinks that FTR is indeed the best tag team in the world and having them in the fraction will be good.

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