Fox Unhappy With WWE Over Recent Hardy and Sheamus Segment On Smackdown

Fox Network was unhappy with a segment on Smackdown (READ/WATCH) a weeks ago. The segment, of course, was Jeff Hardy’s urine test due to his real-life addiction with drinking. This segment on TV was conducted by Sheamus before they could have their match at Backlash.

The segment was written in a comedy manner, where Hardy throws his urine to Sheamus face, and then, of course, Sheamus went to defeat Hardy on Backlash (READ/WATCH).

The segment did make Fox unhappy and they pulled it away as it violated their standards and replaced it will commercial breaks, and that’s why west cost didn’t get to see this segment at all on TV.

Currently, WWE is in hot waters recently as they have replaced Paul Heyman with Bruce Prichard as the USA Network were not happy with the ratings, and now with Fox a bit tensed with the urine test segment. Overall the rating has been taking a dip with the current situation around. With all this, 2020 becomes a bizarre year in wrestling.

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