Hugo Savinovich Reiterates Saudi Arabia Claim

Hugo Savinovich Reiterates Saudi Arabia Claim

The former wrestler then turned WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich spoke about the incident with WWE at Crown Jewel in 2019 in Saudi Arabia when wrestlers were unable to leave the country.

As WWE had denied such a claim. Savinovich posted a video saying, “I stick with what I said, WWE wrestlers were kidnapped in Arabia Saudi. That’s what my source told me. I don’t need money, I don’t need fan attention, it’s a very sad thing that WWE and his lawyer try to humiliate me and discredit my story. The Prince of Saudi Arabia fought with Vince McMahon, that’s what they told me from Stamford, in the WWE central television studios and I hold on to that report. I’m not afraid of WWE. I’m also not afraid of Saudi Arabia, a country that killed a journalist of yours in Turkey. WWE was wrong to go to Saudi Arabia. But I’m not afraid to speak. WWE herself gave me the information.”

Although Savinovich’s comments disputed the shareholder’s suit against WWE has renowned the acquisition of the WWE staff and wrestlers being detained.

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