Hulk Hogan Surprised At How Younger Stars Treat Him

Hulk Hogan did appear on last night’s WWE Raw and was surprised how the younger talents will treat him given the fact on the racist comment passed last time.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Hogan said, “It’s a mixed bag. Some people I get a really warm reception from. Some of the younger guys are really cold to me like I’m coming to steal the main event. And I’m like, ‘I can’t do this anymore, guys! I’m not a threat!’ Going back with all the legends will be a lot of fun. When I’ve gone back before by myself, there have been certain wrestlers, like Edge and Seth Rollins, that have told me to my face that the only reason they got into this business was because of me. The newer kids … I don’t think they know who I am all the way?”

This came up after Hogan passed a racist comment in a private video. He did apologise for this pubically but still, it will take some time to digest.

Hogan also stated that his relationship with wrestlers has improved, “The wake-up call that really got him was Steve Austin as they’ve become good friends. He noted that this friendship caught him off guard as one day, Austin called him up and they started talking about cars. Hogan mentioned that Austin told him that he didn’t realize everything that he’s done throughout his life. When Stone Cold didn’t realize that I did “The Love Boat” and Johnny Carson, then I understood why the young people didn’t know.”

Hogan’s legacy remains untouchable till this day in pro wrestling.

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