Impact Wrestling 2020 – 05/19/2020 – 19th May 2020 Live Results And Review

Impact Wrestling 2020 – 05/19/2020 – 19th May 2020 Live Results And Review

WATCH: Impact Wrestling 5/19/20 Online

Preview: The #1 Contenders Tournament rolls on with another pair of first-round matchups. In a highly-anticipated match, Michael Elgin goes one-on-one with Sami Callihan. Also, The self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion had to break the rules to retain his “Title” against Suicide last week, the mysterious masked warrior gets a shot at revenge when he faces Moose in a singles rematch this Tuesday.

Match 1: Ace Austin vs. Rhino.

Bell rings, both men lock horns in the centre of the ring where Rhino overpowered Austin. Rhino was then seen dominating Austin in the ring.

Later, Austin was seen delivering chest chops to Rhino at the ringside turnbuckle, Rhino then gets up and punches him and set up for the Spear. Seeing this Austin jumps out of the ring, Rhino follows him and slams Austin’s face to the ringside barricade.

Rhino then grabs the chair from under the ring, the referee stops him and this allowed Austin to overpower Rhino. Austin then attacked Rhino out of the ring, Rhino struggled his way to the ring within 6 counts.

In the ring, Austin was seen dominating Rhino, Rhino fights back and delivers a mini spear to Austin at the ringside turnbuckle. Austin then kicks Rhino and goes for the pinfall as it ends in two counts.

Austin then climbs the ring ropes, seeing this Rhino punches him and climbs the top and delivers a suplex from the top and goes for the pin as Austin kicks out.

Austin then quickly kicks Rhino is the midsection, Austin grabs the chair, Rhino stops him, Rhino grabs the chair, the referee pulls it away. Seeing this Austin illegally attacks Rhino with a foreign object and pins him for victory.

Winner: Ace Austin.

Match 2: Dave Crist vs. Crazzy Steve.

Bell rings, Crist, runs towards Steve, Steve slams Crist down to the ring and dominates him out of the ring. In the ring, Crist was seen punching Steve on his face and choking him at the ring ropes.

Steve then gains control of the match but was for a short time as Crist delivers a vicious clothesline, Crist then holds Steve in a headlock. Later, Crist then kicks at the midsection of Steve at the corner of the ring, the referee stops him, Crist’s his team member at the ringside attacks, Steve.

Crist continues to attack him, seeing this Steve attacks him with a DDT and pins him for victory. As Joey Ryan was watching this ringside.

Winner: Crazzy Steve.

After the match, Madman Fulton enters the ring and tells Dave Crist and Jake Crist that he is done with them.

Match 3: XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero) vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh.

Bell ring, Romero and Fallah start the match, both men fought with equal strength. Fallah then tags TJP, seeing this Romero tags Larry. Larry and TJP fought in the ring, where TJP attacks Larry.

TJP then tags Fallah, both Fallah and TJP deliver a standing body splash to Larry. Fallah was then seen punching Larry and tags TJP. TJP enters and focused on Larry’s left arm and attacks it. TJP and Fallah continued to frequently tags to each other.

After the commercial, Larry and TJP were seen in the ring, where Lary holds TJP in a bearhug and delivered a spine buster. Once again TJP was held in a bearhug, where TJP punched Larry and released himself, seeing this Romero enters the ring. TJP quickly tags Fallah, Fallah attacks Romero and sends him out of the ring.

Larry quickly attacks Fallah and goes for the pin as TJP brakes the count. Fallah then delivers a belly to belly suplex to Larry and tries to pin him but it ended in two counts. Fallah then tags TJP.

Fallah then delivers a Samoan drop to Larry as TJP delivers an over the rope’s body splash and pins him for victory.

Winner: TJP and Fallah Bahh.

Match 4: Suicide vs. Moose – TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Bell ring, both men took the fight out of the ring, where Suicide slams Moose at the ringside post. Suicide then pushes Moose in the ring and hold him in an octopus submission hold.

Moose makes his way out of it and both men took the fight out of the ring, where he slams Suicide at the ringside barricade.

Moose enters the ring quickly and Suicide enters within 8 counts. Moose dominated Suicide in the ring and kept on throwing him from ring corner to corner. Moose then picked up Suicide, seeing an opportunity Suicide throws a clothesline punch as Moose avoids it and mocks him.

As Moose was about kick Suicide by running between then ropes, Suicide delivers a vicious clothesline and take Moose down. Suicide then picks up Moose and rolls with him on his shoulder and delivers springboard reversal body splash and goes for the pin as it ends in two counts.

Suicide then delivers a jawbreaker to Moose followed by a two superkick. As Suicide goes on the top of the ropes, Moose attacks him and pins him for victory.

Winner: And Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose.

Match 5: Johnny Swinger vs. Willie Mack – X Division Champion.

Bell rings, Swinger quickly runs towards Mack and attacks him. Swinger kept on dominating him in the ring. Mack then attacks Swinger left leg and gains control of the match.

Quickly Swinger delivers a swinging neck breaker and goes for the pin. The referee counts three but Swinger didn’t notice that Mack’s leg was on the ropes.

Swinger then grabs the X Division title thinking he won. As the referee makes this clear to him, Mack slams Swinger and deliver a standing body slam to the ring and pins him to retain his title.

Winner: And Still X Division Champion Willie Mack.

After the match, Chris Bey runs to the ring and attacks Mack in the ring.

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Match 6: Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan.

Bell rings, both men lock horns in the ring where Callihan pushes Elgin away. Elgin quickly focuses on Callihan’s right leg and continued to attack him. Callihan quickly turns the momentum and attacks Elgin.

Callihan then attacks Elgin and goes for the pin as it ends in two counts. As Elgin approaches to attack Callihan, Callihan kicks him out of the ring.

Callihan was seen dominating Elgin out the ring, later as Callihan was about delivered a powerbomb to Elgin, Elgin turns over and slams Callihan to the floor, Elgin then slams Callihan to the ringside barricade. Elgin then throws Callihan in the ring and attacks him in the midsection.

After the commercial, Elgin was seen dominating Callihan in the ring and attacked the injured leg, desperately Callihan delivers chest chops to Elgin, Elgin seemed like it didn’t hurt him at all and attacks Callihan and covered him in a crucifixion style pinfall but it ends in two counts.

Callihan gets up and gains control of the match by delivering a vicious clothesline to Elgin. Both men struggle their way up on the feet, then as Elgin run towards Callihan, Callihan pushed Elgin out of the ring and delivers a suicide dive.

In the ring, Callihan continued the domination by delivering a reversal body suplex to Elgin and went for the pinfall but it ended in two counts. Elgin then gains control of the match and slams Callihan’s knee to the ring and attacked him and tried to pin but ended in two counts.

Elgin then held Callihan in a sharpshooter but had to release it, as Callihan held the ropes nearby. Elgin then picks up Callihan and punches him on his face, as Elgin runs towards Callihan, Callihan falls down in the ring to get some air. Elgin then picks up Callihan, Callihan slams him and attacks him and goes for the pin but once again it ends in two counts.

Frustrated Callihan, goes for the power slam, Elgin flips him over and attacks him, seeing an opportunity Elgin rolls and pins Callihan but ends in two counts. Elgin then delivers vicious power slam to Callihan and pins him for victory.

Winner: Michael Elgin.

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