Impact Wrestling 2020 – 6/2/2020 – 2nd June 2020 Live Results And Review

Impact Wrestling – 2nd June 2020 Results And Review

WATCH: Impact Wrestling 6/2/20 Online

Preview: This Tuesday we find out who will be next in line for a shot at the IMPACT World Title.

Match 1: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Kylie Rae and Susie.

Bell ring, Steelz and Rae lock horns at the centre of the ring, Steelz overpowered Rae, Rae then tags Susie. Susie enters the ring, Steelz trash talks to her. Hearing this Susie slaps Steelz. Seeing this Hogan asks Steelz to tags her, Steelz tags Hogan. Susie attacks her and tags Rae. Rae attacks Hogan and tags Susie. As Susie enters, Hogan runs and tags Steelz. Both Hogan and Steelz then continued to attack Susie.

Steelz and Hogan exchanged frequent tag between them and continued to attack Susie. Hogan then delivers a swinging neck breaker to Susie and tried to pin her but it ended in two counts as Rae enters the ring and save the pinfall. Susie then attacks Steelz and tags Rae. Rae enters the ring and brings the fight to both Hogan and Steelz. Rae then tags Susie, both Hogan and Steelz delivers a superkick to Susie and places her at the top of the ropes and delivers a Hurricane Rana from the top and attacks her and pins her for victory.

Winner: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz.

Match 2: Joseph P. Ryan vs. Crazzy Steve.

Bell ring, Ryan dominated Steve at the beginning of the match and goes for a quick pinfall but ends in two counts. As Ryan was about to deliver the greatest suplex in the business, Steve delivers a fisherman suplex to him in return. Steve then gained momentum and as he was about to jump over Ryan from the top of the ropes Dave and Jake Crist distracted him, but Steve knocks him out with a punch. To which Ryan delivers a superkick to Steve and pins him for victory.

Winner: Joseph P. Ryan.

After the match, Ryan asked Crist to prove himself to be the member of the Cancel Culture, then Crist attacked Dave.

Match 3: Chase Stevens vs. Rohit Raju.

Bell rings, Raju brought the fight to Stevens and was seen dominating him at the beginning of the match. Stevens fought back and slams Raju to the ring and went for the pin but it ended in two counts. Raju then delivers a sweep leg slam and tried to pin Stevens but that too ended in two counts.

Later, both men got up on their feet, where Stevens delivered a few punched and kick followed by a scissor kick to Raju and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts. Stevens then delivered a moon slut from the top on the ropes. Seeing an opportunity, Raju delivers a knee kicks followed by a missile dropkick from the top of the ropes to Stevens’ face and steals a victory.

Winner: Rohit Raju.

After the match, Raju was at a receiving end on a vicious spear by Rhyno.

Match 4: TJP and Fallah Bahh vs. Dez and Wentz (Rascalz) – Winner Will Be Tag Team Title Contenders.

Bell ring, Bahh and Dez start the match, where Bahh was seemed highly impressed by Dez’s in-ring flips and then tags TJP. Dez then tags Wentz, both men then squared up in the centre of the ring, where Wentz overpowered TJP and tags Dez. Dez enters and attacks TJP and then tags Wentz.

Wentz then slams TJP’s face to the ring’s turnbuckle. Seeing this Bahh enters the ring and attacks both Wentz and Dez, TJP then quickly tried to pin Wentz but it ends in two counts. Both TJP and Wentz attack each other later, Dez then tags himself in, he then enters and attacks TJP. Desperately TJP tags Bahh, Bahh enters and delivers a Soman drop to Wentz.

Wentz then tags Dez, Bahh attacks him and tags TJP. TJP with the help of Bahh jumps over Dez and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts once again. Suddenly Dez gains momentum and kicks TJP and slams him to the rings canvas, he then tried to pin Wentz. Wentz enters and delivers a standing moonsault to TJP and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts.

Wentz then tags Dez, seeing this Bahh enters and takes out Wentz and Dez in the ring. Quickly TJP climbs the ropes and splashed over Dez and tried to pin him but it was an unsuccessful attempt. TJP then held Dez’s left leg in an ankle lock submission, Dez tries to get up while still being on the hold, Wentz then pushed Dez backwards, which rolled TJP backwards too and pinned him for victory.

Winner: Dez and Wentz (Rascalz).

In the ring, Michael Elgin issued a challenge to anyone to prove himself that he deserves to be in the world title no.1 containership tournament, which was answered by Ken Shamrock. Both men started a brawl, then Elgin runs away from the ring.

Backstage, it was seen that Trey was lying down as he was beaten up by a mysterious person. Seeing this Dez and Wentz rushed towards him. Wentz then makes his way out to the ring to attacks Austin as he assumed that he attacked his friend. Seeing this the official decides to have Wentz vs. Austin instead.

Match 5: Wentz vs. Ace Austin.

Bell rings, Wentz quickly delivers a missile dropkick and tried to pin Austin but it ended in two counts. Wentz then continued to attack Austin.

Later, both men took the fight out of the ring, where Austin slammed Wentz to the entrance ramp. Austin then continued to dominate Wentz out of the ring. Wentz fought back but got slammed his back to the ringside barricade by Austin.

As Austin approached to attacks Wentz, Wentz pulled Austin and slammed him to the barricade. Wentz then tried to run jumping off the steel steps to attack Austin but became a victim of a roundhouse kick on his face by Austin.

Later, both men took the fight inside the ring, where Austin was seen delivering a DDT to Wentz and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts. Austin then holds Wentz in a dragon stretch submission. Austin releases the hold and uses the bottom rope to his advantage and chokes Wentz to it.

Seeing an opening, Wentz quickly delivers a fishermen suplex and tries to pin Austin but ends in two counts. Austin then holds the left arm of Wentz and make a cut with the cards on his fingers. Wentz then fought back, but Austin pulls Wentz’s hair and slams him to the rings canvas.

As Austin was about to attack Wentz, Wentz quickly delivered a springboard knee kick to Austin’s face. Both men then got up on their feet on the count of 8, where Wentz delivered a standing dropkick to Austin followed by a standing moonsault and tried to pin him but ended in two counts.

Wentz gets up and holds Austin in a full nelson hold, Austin avoids it. Wentz once again holds him in a full nelson hold and slams Austin with a side slam to the ring, followed by pinfall but it ended in tow counts. Both men then continued to attack each other, later Wentz climbs then ring ropes and as he jumped, Austin lifted both of his knees as Wentz injured himself on his back. Austin then seeing the injured Wentz, attacked him with a running sunset flip slam to secure his spot for the world title.

Winner: Ace Austin.

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