India’s Neal The Hector Talks About His Hunger For Pro Wrestling

India’s Navneet Gurjar who wrestlers under his ring name is Neal The Hector began his career as a bodybuilder first. After winning many titles in bodybuilding he took powerlifting as a serious passion and eventually won a gold medal in the World Deadlift Championship.

He was already fond of becoming a wrestler but there was not much opportunity in India back then. Initially, he thought to join Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) owned by The Great Khali, but due to some problems, he couldn’t join there.

Later he heard about another wrestling company in India named Wrestle Square. He started his training there and was trained by the owner of Wrestle Square who is a good coach, Vinayak Sodhi.

In January this year, he made his international debut which was held in Bangkok where he won my first tag team title.

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I recently got an opportunity to interview Neal. You can read it below.

Q. Currently which promotion are you wrestling for?

I wrestle at Wrestle Square.

Q. One of my questions was going to ask if you watched wrestling as a kid and what was your first wrestling memory?

I still remember some childhood things. When I used to watch wrestling, I used to try to copy John Cena and Undertaker’s entrance.

Q. Who trained you?

I’ve been trained by Vinayak Singh Sodhi, the owner of Wrestle Square.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard the wrestling mat is, and then how hard are the ropes when you are running off them?

If we talk about wrestling mat then it is really hard. Any type of bump is not easy on the mat. A little mistake can lead to a serious injury. Wrestling rope is also unforgiving, doing any type of move without practice is not easy.

Q. How is it wrestling for a smaller crowd than an average wrestling event?

Smaller wrestling crowd is not bad but it depends on which place we’re wrestling but yes crowd is much important for entertainment as a viewer and as a wrestler.

Q. Have you ever travelled to other countries to wrestle?

Yes, I did a tour of Bangkok.

Q. Where’s the weirdest place or what’s the strangest events you have wrestled at?

I’ve not done so many wrestling matches outside so far, so I didn’t have any weirdest experience in my career.

Q. Do you want to wrestle on a big show like Wrestlemania? Is that something you can imagine or is that not where you want to go with your career aspirations?

Every wrestler dreams of heading into big events like WrestleMania but I work hard for this and I will be going there one day. I want to prove myself that I could to be a good wrestler in front of the entire world.

Q. What’re your favourite matches of all times, if you could pick one or two?

My favourite match I’ve wrestled so far is with Team Fateh who was also the Tag Team Champions at Dangal Ke Soorma which was India’s first-ever wrestling TV show and we defeated them to win the title.

Q. What your finisher?

Sky High.

Q. To wrap things up is there anything that you would want to say to your fans, or anyone thinking about becoming a wrestler?

I would love to tell everyone that your love and support towards me gives me a lot of hope.

If someone wants to become a good wrestler and feels that they can make a career in wrestling, then definitely start your wrestling training and keep doing hard work, one day you will get its benefit.

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