Jake Silver Talks About Being A Wrestler After Watching A Ladder Match As A Kid

‘The Pop Punk Kid’ Jake Silver fell in love with pro wrestling in the early 2000s watching by WWE. Defiantly the tag-team wrestlers like The Hardy Boyz, Dudleys, Edge & Christian caught his eye more than anything! Silver is a huge fan of TLC matches!

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I recently got an opportunity to interview him, you can read it below.

Q. Currently which promotion are you wrestling for?

I currently wrestle for quite a few different promotions but the Main companies I work for are Tidal Championship Wrestling, Rise Undeground, TNT IGNITION/EXTREME and Fult Tilt Wrestling.

Q. One of my questions was going to ask if you watched wrestling as a kid and what was your first wrestling memory?

I remember going round to my friend’s house when I was dead young and seeing a Tag Team Ladder match with The Hardy Boys and been absolutely sucked in by the action!

Q. Who trained you?

James Carr and Paul Parisio were my first trainers but I am currently trained by WWE NXT UK Star Ligero at Grapple Wrestling!

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard the wrestling mat is, and then how hard are the ropes when you are running off them?

I’d say quite hard at about an 8/9 depending on how you land! Hitting the ropes doesn’t hurt so bad but the aftermath once the adrenaline has worn off burns like hell at about 8/9 too!

Q. How is it wrestling for a smaller crowd than an average wrestling event?

I quite like it as it’s a lot more intimate! My wrestling character due to being quite loud works well with a small crowd to getting everyone in the room involved. I’m happy to wrestle in front of whatever though.

Q. Have you ever travelled to other countries to wrestle?

I’ve travelled to both Wales and Scotland but currently nothing out of the UK.

Q. Where’s the weirdest place or what’s the strangest events you have wrestled at?

Defiantly at a show in the midlands on a farm in the middle of nowhere. The show was held in barn for a company called Megaslam which the event was called Barnagedom! There were 3 shows throughout the day.

The first one pulled 11 people, the second 26 and the 3rd around 50! It was 30’ degrees + weather so were all sweating and there was nowhere to get changed except our cars so no shade whatsoever! But there were meerkats and llamas on the farm which were exciting 😂

Q. Do you want to wrestle on a big show like Wrestlemania? Is that something you can imagine or is that not where you want to go with your career aspirations?

Would definitely love the opportunity to work for WWE at some point in my career and would lose my mind if I got the opportunity to wrestle at Wrestlemania.

Q. What’re your favourite matches of all times, if you could pick one or two?

Well for the ones I’ve watched, I’d say Edge vs. Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22 blew my mind! For ones I’ve been in, I’d say myself and my Tag Tam partner Jack Bandicoot (Crashboat) going against the Young Guns (Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen) at TNT IGNition easily one of my favourites to be involved into a date!

Q. What your finisher?

I have 2 finishes. One I call The Story So Far which is a Ripcord Uranage and the other is a Top Rope Moonsault!

Q. To wrap things up is there anything that you would want to say to your fans, or anyone thinking about becoming a wrestler?

Defiantly give it a try as there are loads of amazing schools around the UK and my main advice would be to always try to enjoy yourself as this job can get to you a little and overthinking stuff can affect the way you work. So try never to stress too much about it as there are so many positives to the job you can work by!

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