Jim Ross Calls Ultimate Warrior ‘Cancer & Poison

Jim Ross recently spoke about the Ultimate Warrior in his podcast, as Warrior was not liked by people backstage.

Ross then claimed that Warrior was very selfish and doesn’t fit in the locker room manner. Ross said, “He was a problem child. He had a limited skill set. I’m not going to fall in love with this 8 by 10. Why do you want to bring in a poison in your locker room who has marginal wrestling skills who always wants something different, something better? He was irrational. Again, the cancer in the locker room, there was enough of those. You already have enough of them just based on the normal course of business. You eliminate the cancers. You don’t want that in your locker room. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet.”

We have heard many people not liking Warrior backstage but for Ross calling him, Cancer and Poison are kind of heavy.

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