John Cena’s Wrestlemania 36 role, more on Big Show, Matt Hardy, Cathy Kelley and Bryan Alvarez

  • John Cena will be a part of Wrestlemania 36 this year and his role is “Locked in”
  • Seven-times World Champion Big Show will return to WWE on Raw this week
  • WWE had changed Matt Hardy’s plans as last week the ratings were good for his segment with Randy Orton and this will continue for next week on Raw where Orton will face Hardy in a match. To add more fuel to this feud Big Show will also be a part of this as Edge will not be seen much on TV
  • Cathy Kelley gave her notice to WWE a few weeks ago and now they have respected her decision and decided to part ways with her
  • In a recent interview, Bryan Alvarez said that WWE NXT Superstar needs to work more matches.

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