Matt Hardy Puts Vince McMahon On Blast

Some pro wrestling fans love to watch every wrestling show closely as they have got an eagle-eye, this time it was the team name of Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy resembling the team name of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy aka. The Hardy Boys.

Matt Hardy did comment on this saying, “There is no doubt if someone ever asked you who the greatest tag team of all time is, it is The Hardy Boyz. As a matter of fact, Vince McMahon is so obsessed with the greatness and popularity of The Hardy Boyz, he’s created the Hardy Bros. And he’s put together another guy named Matt with my brother, to try and recreate the magic that we once had. He [McMahon] is trying to confuse the marketplace because he’s so vicious, he still wishes he had the Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Bros? That’s not gonna work. You would have had a better chance with fake Razor and fake Diesel.”

I do agree with Matt here, but the team of Riddle and Jeff is good though.

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