Matt Riddle Moving to Smackdown Soon

As per the source, it looks like Matt Riddle will be moving to Smackdown soon, we are still not sure that it will be a call-up or for the ongoing brand vs. brand invitation.

Moving Riddle to Smackdown was originally planned for January but things didn’t fall into place back then, now WWE is trying to move into that direction.

Keeping in mind that Riddle does have some backstage heat in WWE, famous ones with Goldberg. Riddle also had a conversation with Vince McMahon with regards to the same as and he was cool about it.

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Riddle’s move to Smackdown won’t be easy if he is still having heat backstage but now it looks like things were not how it was being shown out to the wrestling fans. Which mean Riddle will be having his side of the story.

The upcoming WWE NXT episode is considered to be the last episode for Riddle before he officially moves to Smackdown. He is currently booked for a match against Timothy Thatcher in a Steel Cage when the only way to win the match is via knockout or tap out and the special match referee will be Kurt Angle. It’s been said that Riddle will be debuting as a heel on Smackdown.

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