Mickie James To Return Soon

Mickie James To Return Soon

Mickie James has been out of action for a very long and has been under the knife for surgery.

In a recent interview, James said, “The doc has already cleared me, so I was literally just getting that last two weeks to get cleared to come back to in-ring action and everything got shut down. So, I went home and I just haven’t been back since. There’s no need to take that risk of going there if I’m not doing anything. I would rather bide my time and wait for the perfect opportunity.”

She does have a small mindset but that doesn’t mean that she has small ambition, she further said, “I’m going to go in and take all the championships. I’m going to be my own tag team partner and I’m going to go in there and take those championships first, and then I’m going to take both of the women’s championships at the same time.” Considering the current state of the women’s division she could win all championships on her own.

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