More Evidence Against Matt Riddle In #SpeakingOut Allegations

Interesting turn can be seen in Matt Riddle’s #SpeakingOut allegation made by independent wrestler Candy Cartwright.

Riddle’s lawyer said that Cartwright has been stalking Riddle and his family for the past two years. Cartwright then posted a photo of her and Riddle locking lips and said that this was taken in 2019 with the caption, “This is crazy. It’s been two weeks and I’m still getting hate messages/threats ad seeing stuff like this. If I’ve been “stalking you years” then why is this from 2019? This was also taken after I went to see him on an NXT loop and he got me tickets to two shows.”

If it is proved that the photo was clicked in 2019 then this could damage Riddle’s career in WWE. WWE hasn’t taken any action against Riddle so far as they are waiting for solid evidence for it.

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