Nia Jax Ruins Major Plans

Nia Jax Ruins Major Plans

The injury Nia Jax has given to Kairi Sane has taken her out of TV tapings, Sane will be going back to Japan for a while. On the other hand, WWE has offered her a manager role which she didn’t accept.

To take Sane off the TV, WWE wrote an angle where she will be injured by someone on TV, and that person who will injure her will face Nia Jax at SummerSlam. However, those plans were canceled by WWE. Our source said, “Sane, 31, is returning to Japan to be with her husband. This has been in the works for a while and the company has known about it since May if not earlier. Sane was injured by Jax legit by being thrown into the ring steps hard when she was too close to the steps to control her bump on a Raw match taped on 5/26, But the decision at the time was to not harp on the injury in television nor talk about it at all pubically which is why they never played it up and her name hasn’t been talked about.”

It’s been said that the person who was supposed to retire Sane was Charlotte Flair or Shayana Blazer. With Flair being away from TV maybe that’s the reason why Vince McMahon cooled off on Baszler. The source continued, “Vince also soured on Baszler completely because he never conceptually grasped the style that an MMA fighter should use in pro wrestling and she doesn’t check his buttons when it comes to women in wrestling.” This doesn’t even make sense as McMahon was very focused on pushing Ronda Rousey’s push who was an ex MMA Star.

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