Nikki Bella Reveals Cheating Backstage On Their Biography

Nikki Bella Reveals Cheating Backstage On Their Biography

Nikki Bella was in a famous long term relationship with John Cena during her wrestling run.

This relationship helped her within her run with WWE as it was featured in a storyline which led to a match with The Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania. After the match, Cena proposed Bella and they got engaged in the ring.

A year later they called off their relationship completely. Before Cena, Bella was in a relationship with someone in WWE. In her new book, she mentioned that guy as Brad and said, ‘he was loud, and hilarious, and loved attention… he was always there to make everyone laugh, with a smart-ass joke on every occasion.’

Bells choose not to mention his name but we all know that it’s Dolph Ziggler, this statement indicated that Ziggler is not only a ‘Show Off’ in the ring but outside the ring too.

She further mentioned that ‘She loved having sex with him… we had great chemistry in the bedroom and he was still making me laugh’.

Bella then continued and said that the relationship was toxic, ‘ He was a little cruel, too… I was constantly left questioning the boundaries of our relationship with a big. “What the hell are we? …Brad knew how to hook a girl. And then mind-fuck her.”

The relationship with Bella and Bard as per her book went on for a year and then it ended when she found out that he was cheating on her with someone within WWE.

She said, ‘The messages were from one of my closest friends at WWE – a girl who has come to San Diego to see my family with me two nights before she apparently banged my man for the first time.’

In an episode of Total Divas, we have seen Ziggler talking with Bella considering their past relationship that he still has feelings for her. Which mean Cena stole Bella from Ziggler, The Miz also stated the same in his promo back in 2017 episode of Talking Smack. Bella is currently dating her Dancing with the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev.

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