Released Sarah Logan Will Be Returning Soon To WWE

Sarah Logan will be returning soon in WWE.

Since the news broke out on her release many WWE Superstars took a stand for her backstage as her release was really strange. She was seen wrestling on Raw numerous times than the people who were released.

We still do not know how and when will she be back but she was still being mentioned on WWE TV after her release. Many speculate that this could be the signs for her return.

Last night on during Raw many fans thought that she will be returning as her name was mentioned in the ongoing feud between Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Logan was the stablemates with them in the Riott Squad.

Ruby Roitt was out of action due to an injury and Morgan was involved in a storyline with Bobby Lashley and Lana. WWE didn’t see Logan’s storyline going anywhere and they decided to release her eventually.

This is such a shame as Logan was released because WWE didn’t know how to utilize her. Before Logan even made her WWE debut she was being respected by everyone outside WWE.

If she doesn’t come back to WWE then she will be wrestling elsewhere for sure as she is a gifted wrestler and could see her as a champion in future.

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