Released WWE Star Zack Ryder Bringing Back Classic Gimmick

Matt Cardona previously know as Zack Ryder is bringing back his classic gimmick where he trademarks the Internet Championship and posted it on his Instagram.

The idea behind posting this is that he is looking to defend the title soon. The title has been given a new look and the idea to get this title back is amazing for the current scenario.

This title was originally introduced in Z! True Long Island an internet show by Cardona on Youtube. The title got a lot of attraction back in the days, it was never seen on WWE TV but it gave Cardone some TV time on Raw on the mainstream.

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WWE also did an interview on how he won the Internet Championship back then to which he said that he won it in New York in a championship tournament where he grew up, the competition was tough but he managed to win it in the first round as his competitor twisted his leg, he was then named the Internet Champion.

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