Released WWE Superstar Taynara Conti Requested Release 2 Months Ago

Released WWE NXT Superstar Taynara Conti was a part of few matches in WWE but never got a chance to showcase her skills in a big match. She never even appeared in any NXT TakeOver matches too.

She recently took on Twitter to express her feelings, Conti started by telling her fans that she is doing fine and healthy. She then addressed her fans that she is no longer working with WWE as she has been working in WWE for two and a half years and she claims it was the best times in her life.

She is grateful to what she has learnt from WWE will keep on improving herself for better. She also said when she started all this she doesn’t even know English and didn’t even know how to wrestle.

She then said that in the past few months she was not feeling well about all this as her fighting background is Judo and she needs to keep on competing with herself and she needs to feel that she is growing.

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Conti has also approached WWE Management for the same few months ago to fix things. WWE didn’t come to an agreement with her terms and she asked for her release and they didn’t give it to her then. Currently, she is happy as she is released and waiting for new opportunities.

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