ROH Champion Jay Lethal Accused In #SpeakingOut Movement

ROH Champion Jay Lethal Accused In #SpeakingOut Movement

Jay Lethal is the new wrestler who is being accused of misconduct. As per the new reports it’s been said by our source,” Kelly Kevin took to Twitter today to call on Ring Of Honor to address bad behavior. She specifically named Jay Lethal and she says that multiple women have brought complaints and evidence of misconduct.”

Lethal responded to this with a tweet, “It has always been my choice to use silence to keep my dignity, refrain from publicly attacking people I’m not fond of, and relying on who I have been as a person to speak for itself. I’ve also never wanted to use MY platform to boost or give attention to any negativity. I do however know and realize that some people will sadly take my silence to mean something else. The #speakingout movement has given me hope that the industry that I’ve chosen to give my life to will become a better place. I’ve wanted to stand in support of all those brave enough to share their painful stories. Unfortunately, I was afraid due to the lies that are being said about me. I have never and would never sexually harass, sexually assault, rape, or force myself on anyone. I would never use my status to deny anyone opportunities. Even now, it pains me to know that defending myself might somehow tarnish an important movement and cast doubt on real, troubling experiences.” Lethal has denied the allegations.

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