Roman Reigns And Vince McMahon Relationship Does Not Look Good At The Moment

An interesting view from the latest Make-A-Wish video from WWE about Vince McMahon being mad at Roman Reigns can be seen.

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Reigns was not featured on it. It’s a video package where WWE features all the top talents granting wishes. Reigns was always the main focus of such videos for years.

Adding to this, the WWE website has removed the name of Reigns and has mentioned John Cena instead of him. Previously we learnt that McMahon has told everyone not to mention Reigns names on TV after he was pulled out of Wrestlemania.

It will be interesting to see if WWE will mention Reigns name for the Netflix movie that he will be a part of. Reigns is one of the names mentioned in “The Wrong Missy” with David Spade movie. This will be Reigns first movie role since ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, he is likely to get more movie offers in future.

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