Roman Reigns name will not be heard in WWE, Sarah Logan could be back, more on Jinder Mahal, SmackDown Mystery Hacker and Kendo Kashin

WWE has told everyone within the company not to mention Roman Reigns name on television right now.

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal had sent out a word saying that he is clear for in-ring return and is waiting for a word from WWE.

If things go right then, there is a possibility that WWE could bring Sarah Logan back as WWE fans are really being vocal about her after her release.

Fans on Twitter are trying to crack the code on who would be the mystery hacker on SmackDown promo and two names are being out, it could be Mustafa Ali or Chad Gable.

WWE Performance Center coach Kendo Kashin has spoken about his release saying that he was released because he spoke in an interview about the coronavirus and mentioned not having health insurance.

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