Rusev Confirms His Post-WWE Wrestling Name

Former WWE Star Rusev was a victim of the black Wednesday firing in the month of April which did upset many fans. Truth to be told it was one of the worst decisions WWE has ever made.

He has all the tools in making as a true star but WWE wasted his potential by putting him in ridiculous storylines. Rusev still managed to make it work for him, now that he is out of WWE he can’t use his old wrestling name, as the name Rusev belongs to WWE so what name could he use now.

Rusev’s twitter handle name is Miro short form of his real name Miroslav Barnyashev. In a recent online stream with his wife, he said that he will not use the name Bulgarian Brute anymore as from now on where ever he goes his name will simply be Miro. As many wrestlers are using their real name and it looks like he might be heading to Impact Wrestling.

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