Sting Could Sign With AEW, Otis MITB Cashing, AJ Styles Vs Undertaker, More on Austin Theory and Vince McMahon

  • Sting is not under a contract with WWE currently, he could sign a deal with them again. There is also a possibility that he could sign a deal with AEW (WATCH: All AEW Episodes)
  • It’s been said that Otis could use his Money in the Bank (READ) briefcase on SmackDown Tag Team shot for Heavy Machinery
  • There is a possibility that WWE could have a traditional match for AJ Styles and Undertaker soon (READ)
  • The issue we saw in Zelina Vega’s team is a part of the storyline as WWE is planning to kick out Austin Theory from the fraction (READ)
  • Vince McMahon wanted to keep the Money in the Bank PPV (WATCH) short as they were already running down without fans.

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