Summerslam To Take Place As Planned, Rob Gronkowski SummerSlam Plans, More On Released Superstars And Arn Anderson

  • Boston TD Garden says that Summerslam will take place as planned because WWE hasn’t spoken to them about the changes yet (READ)
  • WWE has planned Rob Gronkowski to wrestle at SummerSlam, but due to the news broke out of his return to football the plan has changed for now
  • Currently, the bosses bad mood is a running joke at WWE backstage. A close source said, “It’s great to get a raise and a promotion, but the raise and promotion you don’t wanna get is the one that’s gonna put you in the direct sight of Vince McMahon.”
  • The released WWE NXT Superstars have expressed their dissatisfaction in various interviews as they had long tenures there without any creative plans (READ)
  • Arn Anderson in his podcast recently spoke about Cesaro by saying, “not a favourite guy of the [WWE] office” and Dolph Ziggler might have gotten himself in trouble with the WWE management for being outspoken. (READ)

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