The Revival Explain WWE Release And Meeting With Vince McMahon On Chris Jericho’s Podcast

The Revival’s were a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast ‘Talk is Jericho’ where they spoke about how Vince McMahon and WWE’s backstage personalities wanted then to act in some comedy segments and also asked them to wear funny wrestling gears to the ring.

They confirmed that they did agree to do it and it was McMahon’s idea to use the new gimmick. After hearing it for the first time Cash Wheeler laughed at it but everyone presented in the meeting was serious about it.

They mentioned in the podcast that, ‘They all has the faces on that they thought this was a good idea. They talked about the Ucy Hot stuff, where we showed we can do more than just be a serious tag team, we can do and show different levels of charisma… we looked them in the face and said, ‘these are not good, these are bad. But we will do these until our contract expires, we’ll do whatever you want. We’ll give it 100%. We’ll have fun, it will be fun. But there is no way we’re resigning.’

They made it clear to McMahon on February that they will not be resigning with WWE before the taping of Friday Night SmackDown where they were offered a contract of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year.

Following the meet, they said that ‘That we’d been pulled of everything going forward. I don’t know if, because we agreed to do it, it lost some of his hilarity to them.’

Wheeler also mentioned that he still doesn’t know why McMahon thought of doing this with them, it been said that this was planned to bury them on their way out.

We have also seen in the past that WWE has never treated the tag team division with respect and that’s why they decided to leave the company.

They further mentioned that ‘This is nothing against Braun, but he steamrolled the entire tag team division. And then a 10-yead old won the titles at Wrestlemania. And then no tag team at Summerslam, and the last minute they added the women’s tag titles, which I’m all for, but it was so last minute that people didn’t know.’

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