Triple H Sends A Warning To The Entire WWE Roster

Triple H Sends A Warning To The Entire WWE Roster

WWE NXT UK brand had been having many allegations lately and with the company having the zero-tolerance policy, this leaves WWE with two options either to shut NXT UK brand which is doubtful or give a warning to the entire WWE roster.

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According to Wrestling Observer, “Levesque (Triple H) told the performers that the company’s protocol on any allegations of that type is that there is zero tolerance to any charges like that provided there was irrefutable evidence to the charges. It came across as a warning to talent. The company’s policy has in the past been that if there are police charges, talent will be suspended until there is either a conviction or an exoneration. A conviction would lead to firing. The company can also act on its own without charges involved if it has what it considers serious evidence.”

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This is probably what happened with Jack Gallagher, Travis Banks, and Ligero to which they have fired straight away instead of suspensions. Perhaps that’s the case with Joe Coffey as he was suspended and still waiting for the police investigation. Adding to these two NXT UK officials was fired too. It’s been said that WWE is taking this chance to remove problematic wrestlers but that doesn’t explain why they have an interest in Tessa Blanchard.

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