UFC 250: Nunes vs. Spencer – 06/09/2020 – 6th June 2020 Live Result And Review

UFC 250: Nunes vs. Spencer – 6th June 2020 Result And Review

Preview: Nunes vs. Spencer is a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that will take place on June 6, 2020 at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It was originally planned to take place on May 9 at Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo, Brazil.

Match 1: Early Prelims: UFC Catchweight Division: Evan Dunham vs. Herbert Burns.

Round 1 begins, Dunham brings in the fight and delivered a massive hook to Burns. Burns then quickly takes Dunham down and holds him in a rear naked choke, to which Dunham taps out in the first round.

Winner: Herbert Burns by Submission.

Match 2: Early Prelims: UFC Light Heavyweight Division: Alonzo Menifield vs. Devin Clark.

Round 1 begins, Clark quickly takes control of the fight and holds Menifield at the octagon fence, Menifield then fought back with throwing some massive punches. Both men then were seen exchanging punches and kicks, where Clark was seen throwing more powerful shots towards Menifield at the end of round 1.

Round 2 begins, Clark once again throws some heavy combination shot, Menifield fought back and defended some punches. Both men were then seen at the fence of the octagon where they kept on punching each other. Clark then again tried to throw massive punches to Menifield at the end of the last 10 seconds.

Round 3 begins, Clark once again looking for a KO and headed towards Menifield, Menifield defended himself and held Clark to avoid the attacks. Clark desperately tried to take Menifield down in an unsuccessful attempt, Menifield too does the same. Clark then manages to take Menifield down and kept punching Menifield on his ribs. Both men then exchanged punches at the closing moments of the fight.

Winner: Devin Clark by Unanimous Decision.

Match 3: Early Prelims: UFC Flyweight Division: Jussier Formiga vs. Alex Perez.

Round 1 begins, both the Flyweight brought in the fight, where they exchanged punches and kicks, quickly Perez delivers two-leg kicks to Formiga’s calf and TKO him out.

Winner: Alex Perez by TKO via Leg Kicks.

Match 4: Prelims: UFC Middleweight Division: Charles Byrd vs. Maki Pitolo.

Round 1 begins, both men brought in the fight, where Byrd attacked and controlled Pitolo in the octagon. Pitolo then took Byrd down and stayed on the top, Byrd got out of it and then he stayed on the top. The round ended with both men being on the ground grappling.

Round 2 begins, where both men exchange punches, Byrd delivered some massive left hooks to Pitolo. Seeing an opening Pitolo took Byrd on the ground with a takedown after 12 punches on his ribs and kept on throwing hammer punches on the face as the referee stops the fight.

Winner: Maki Pitolo by TKO.

Match 5: Prelims: UFC Featherweight Division: Cody Stamann vs. Brian Kelleher.

Round 1 begins, both men brought in the fight, where Stamann threw punches looking for a KO and Kelleher kept moving sideway avoiding it, but they still manage to punches and kicks each other.

Round 2 begins, Stamann kept on delivering massive high kicks and punches to Kelleher, Kelleher fought back. Stamann then takes Kelleher down and stayed on the top, Stamann then continued to throw hammer punches on Kelleher’s ribs and face.

Round 3 begins, both men start the fight, where they continued to throw punches at each other. With less than one minute on the clock, both Kelleher and Stamann tried to go for a KO but it was unsuccessful, quickly Stamann was seen holding Kelleherin a headlock submission.

Winner: Cody Stamann by Unanimous Decision.

Match 6: Prelims: UFC Middleweight Division: Ian Heinisch vs. Gerald Meerschaert.

Round 1 begins, both men exchanged punches towards each other, seeing an opening Heinisch delivered a massive right arm punch to Meerschaert face and knocks him out in 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Winner: Ian Heinisch by TKO.

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Match 7: Prelims: UFC Featherweight Division: Alex Caceres vs. Chase Hooper.

Round 1 begins, both men looking for an early knockout at the beginning of the fight, where Caceres delivers a massive hook on Hooper’s face. Hooper quickly recovers, they then exchanged punches. Both men then continued to fight in the octagon where they grappled on the ground till the round ends.

Round 2 begins, they started the fight where they punched each other, quickly Hooper held Caceres from behind and pushed him against to the fence of the octagon. They then continued the fight at the centre of the octagon, where they tried to go for a KO, but ended up taking the fight on the ground as Caceres stayed on the top. Caceres stood up and delivered an axe kick to Hooper.

Round 3 begins, punches were exchanged by both men on the face and ribs of each other. Caceres then went on to land some heavy left hooks, Hooper fought back but mostly landed on the ground. Caceres smartly landed his punches where ever he sees the opportunity.

Winner: Alex Caceres by Unanimous Decision.

Match 8: Main Card: UFC Bantamweight Division: Eddie Wineland vs, Sean O’Malley.

Round 1 begins, both the men bring the fight, where they exchanged punches. Quickly seeing an opening in 1 minute and 54 seconds O’Malley knocks out Wineland cold with a left-arm punch.

Winner: Sean O’Malley by KO (R1 01:54)

Match 9: Main Card: UFC Welterweight Division: Neil Magny vs. Anthony Rocco Martin.

Round 1 begins, both men exchanged punches at the beginning of the fight. Martin then threw some heavy hook to Magny as he was looking for a knockout, Magny avoided a few. Quickly Martin took the fight near the fence of the octagon, where Martin threw punches on Magny ribs.

Round 2 begins, the fight starts and both men punched each other quickly, Martin then takes Magny down on the ground, Magny got up quickly and pressed Martin at the octagon’s fence. They then continued to throw punches and kicks, where Magny tried to take Martin down, Martin avoided it and pushed Magny at the fence. At the end of the round, Magny and Martin exchanged low kicks at each other.

Round 3 begins, Martin kept avoiding Magny kicks and punches, as both men the looking to finish the fight soon. Magny then throws some massive hooks to Martin’s face and tried to take him down, Martin firmly stood on his feet. Both men then exchanged punches at the closing moments of the match.

Winner: Neil Magny by Unanimous Decision (R3 05:00)

Match 10: Main Card: UFC Bantamweight Division: Aljamain Sterling vs. Cory Sandhagen.

Round 1 begins, both men exchanged punches and defended themselves too, quickly Sterling held Sandhagen in a rear-naked choke submission, unable to breathe Sandhagen taps out within 1 minute and 28 seconds.

Winner: Aljamain Sterling via Submission (R1 01:28)

Match 11: Prelims: Co-Main Event: UFC Bantamweight Division: Raphael Assuncao vs. Cody Garbrandt.

Round 1 begins, both men took time and they haven’t touched each other till 25 seconds of the 1st round, as they were seeking for a quick win over each other. Both then men exchanged punches and kicks at the centre of the octagon. At the closing moments, Garbradt kept on defending himself.

Round 2 begins, without wasting any time Garbrandt tried to take Assuncao on the ground, they then tied to take each other to the ground with a low calf kick but were unsuccessful as they were evenly matched strength-wise. As Assuncao was about hit a deliver a flying knee kick to Garbrandt, Garbrandt defends it and delivers a clean right hook to Assuncao and knocks him out cold.

Winner: Cody Garbrandt by KO (R2 04:59)

Match 12: Main Card: Main Event: UFC Women Featherweight Division: Amanda Nunes vs. Felicia Spencer.

Round 1 begins, both women exchanges punches, where Spencer tried to take Nunes down, Nunes avoids it. Nunes then delivers a vicious punch to Spencer’s face. Spencer then gets hold of Nunes left leg when she was landing a kick, Nunes overpowers Spencer and takes her down and stays on the top, Nunes then lands a few heavy elbow punches to Spencer’s face which cuts her open. Spencer then crosses her leg over Nunes body to defend herself at the closing moments of round 1.

Round 2 begins, Nunes approaches Spencer for a KO, but Spencer avoids it. They then continued to exchange punches, as Spencer was trying to take Nunes dows, Nunes once again overpower Spencer and takes her down and delivers vicious elbow punches to her. Spencer rolls out, they continued to fight each other at the centre of the octagon.

Round 3 begins, they continued the fight, where they exchanged punches. As Spencer was about to kick Nunes, Nunes gets hold of Spencer’s leg and slams her down to the octagon. Nunes allowed Spencer to get up and they continued to it hit her with massive punches and kicks. Spencer has tried to take Nunes down numerous times but it was not even a close effort. At the closing moments of the round, Nunes landed vicious punches to Spencer’s face.

Round 4 begins, Nunes overpowered Spencer and the punches continued, Spencer tried to fight back but as she was exhausted already she was on the receiving end of the punches most of the times. Spencer then survived a spinning back kick nu Nunes and tried to defend herself. Seeing an opening, Nunes lands punches on Spencer’s face, as Spencer falls down, Nunes delivers hammer punches and holds her in a rear-naked choke at the closing moments of the match.

Round 5 begins, Spencer surviving the fourth round showed us that she is already a warrior as she didn’t give up on the rear-naked choke submission. Nunes then takes Spencer on the ground and stayed on the top, Spencer wraps her leg around Nunes to avoid elbow punches. Nunes rolls out, the referee pauses the fight as Spencer was bleeding and asked the doctors to check on her. The fight was then restarted when Spencer said that she could continue. Seeing this Nunes takes Spencer on the ground on the closing moments of the round.

Winner: And Still Women’s Featherweight Champion – Amanda Nunes by Unanimous Decision (R5 05:00)

After the fight, Nunes puts the Women’s Featherweight title on Spencer’s shoulder as an act of respect.

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