UK’s Isaac North talks about his love for Pro-Wrestling

I recently had an opportunity to interview UK’s Isaac North he is 6’5″ feet tall and 240lbs. He wrestles for many wrestling promotions in UK.

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Please read the full interview below.

Q. Currently which promotion are you wrestling for?

– I wrestle for JFPW, Wrestling Sport, Infinite Promotions, BWP, EPW, UWI, CUKPW and Broken Ring Wrestling.

Q. One of my questions was going to ask if you watched wrestling as a kid and what was your first wrestling memory?

– The first show I watched was WWE Summerslam 1998 and I haven’t missed a week of WWE since. So my first Memory of Wrestling was D’lo Brown vs Val Venis for the European Championship.

Q. Who trained you?

– I’m trained by Danny Hope, Gypsy John Kenny and Ciarán McConnell.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard the wrestling mat is, and then how hard are the ropes when you are running off them?

– I would say about a 7 on a pain scale hitting the mat and the ropes leave marks sometimes but generally are only about a 1 or a 2.

Q. How is it wrestling for a smaller crowd than an average wrestling event?

– Smaller crowds can be great in small venues, what you don’t want is empty seats in a big venue.

Q. Have you ever travelled to other countries to wrestle?

– I have wrestled all over the UK but never overseas.

Q. Where’s the weirdest place or what’s the strangest events you have wrestled at?

– The kids birthday party was pretty weird but I’m generally happy wherever as long as I’m wrestling.

Q. Do you want to wrestle on a big show like Wrestlemania? Is that something you can imagine or is that not where you want to go with your career aspirations?

– As long as arses are in seats and the room is full I’m happy. Whether it’s 50 or 50,000 ill always put in 100%.

Q. What’re your favourite matches of all times, if you could pick one or two?

– Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate at NXT Take Over for the UK Championship and Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels 1.

Q. What your finisher?

– My finisher is The War Hammer (a modified torture rack spin-out slam).

Q. To wrap things up is there anything that you would want to say to your fans, or anyone thinking about becoming a wrestler?

– Do what you want in life and don’t worry about other people’s opinions. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy go for it!

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