Was Edge Vs. Randy Orton At Backlash ‘The Greatest Match Ever’

The pre advertised ‘The Greatest Match Ever’ was good but still not close to its expectation as Edge and Orton still put on a 45-minute match at Backlash (READ/WATCH).

Looking at the career of both the men it seemed like they are out of moves, so they borrowed moves from their foes from the past like Orton using the Pedigree and Edge using the Rock Bottom.

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WWE focused on delivering a sports style realism match during these times, Edge vs. Orton was like the final boxing match in the Rocky or The Creed movie.

The match was still very long as Orton made us feel that he is in a war and had to come out as the winner after their tedious match at Wrestlemania 36 in the Last Man Standing match.

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