Who Were Fans At Fyter Fest And Were They Tested

Who Were Fans At Fyter Fest And Were They Tested

If you would have noticed Fyter Fest properly then you would have known that there were fans present amongst wrestlers, reports were then revealed that they were not tested for the virus.

Ryan Stain then reported after talking to a fan, “The person, who later deleted the post, said they received a private invite to attend the show with about 60 other people who were non-crew members. They then explained that everyone entering with them was required to wear a mask to even walk through the outside gates, This fan also claimed they had to sign waivers acknowledging they hadn’t been exposed to COVID-19, as well as other precautions related to virus safety. They were not tested for COVID-19 to enter the venue like talent and crew, however. They were only given temperature checks.”

Satin then elaborated this further, “According to a source in AEW, the people invited to Fyter Fest were local Daily’s Place or Jaguars sponsors who were allowed to bring some family and friends. We’re told these people got seated in the upper bowl of Daily’s Place and were likely not tested because there’s no way anyone up there could spit on or breathe on anyone in the ringside or backstage area. Our sources say anyone who was in the lower bowl or backstage area though was tested for COVID-19. Once inside, the fan noted that the people in his ara were seated several seats apart from each other in every other row.”

Other sources said, “I can confirm the substance of @ryansatin’s report regarding #AEW and the fans in attendance. Anyone who was seated ringside, lower bowl, or backstage was COVID-tested, as the company has been doing. The upper owl seating report is also accurate, from what I have been told.”

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