Why Goldberg Is Challenging Drew McIntyre

Last night on Raw, WWE featured many WWE Hall Of Famers and Legends including Bill Goldberg. In case you missed it, two-time WWE Universal Champion returned to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, calming that McIntyre doesn’t respect WWE Legends (It looks like Goldberg was not watching Raw when McIntyre was in a segment with Hulk Hogan backstage).

This angle makes no sense at all as we thought that Goldberg’s next opponent will be WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Adding to this our source said, “The Goldberg thing, so Bill Goldberg vs Drew McIntyre is going to be the main event of the Royal Rumble. So this was decided on Saturday. So if you’re wondering why Goldberg did all this buildup with Roman Reigns if he’s going to wrestle Drew McIntyre and it’s like, that is your answer. It wasn’t a swerve. It wasn’t to throw people off. It was because they had nobody ready for anything.”

If this is accurate then this would be WWE’s efforts to bring Raw back on track after it’s low ratings. Fans on social media are already upset for Goldberg getting a WWE title opportunity when there is an entire Raw roster waiting for a title match.

Goldberg still has two years left in his WWE contract so he will be used at full potential and we could see a title change soon. On the other hand, WWE is trying to make McIntyre a multiple-time champion just like they did with Charlotte Flair.

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