Why Rey Mysterio Rejected Signing With WWE, AEW Trying To Possibly Steal Him

Big News coming in for Rey Mysterio as he is working out of contract with WWE, and he has refused to sign a new contract with them.

Mysterio has asked for more money from WWE, to which it was reported that “They’ve been using him on television for months, this didn’t just happen this week. Now it’s out, yeah, but I think his contract expired months ago. They worked under the basically ‘okay I’ll work out this eye program,’ you know I’ll work out this eye program when they took his eye out originally, I remembered saying that if they don’t reach a deal that’ll be him being written off, but since they brought him back that’s when the whole thing that ‘my eye may be done.’ I guess it was completely forgotten and I guess they thought he would sign, and then he didn’t sign.”

It was a risk working with Mysterio with the angle involving Seth Rollins and we also need to consider Dominik. If Rey would have walked out then it would have affected Dominik’s push.

It’s also been said that AEW is having his eye on Mysterio, a source said, “The favorite is (Mysterio) staying (in WWE), but the fact that he’s not signed and they’ve got a number that they want and he’s got a number that he wants, and the reality is that they have not met his number. And, he’s not agreeing to their number that would tell e that it’s amenable to somebody else’s number if somebody else is going to match the number, or match the circumstances.”

The big question is that does Mysterio thinks that Dominik’s WWE push will come to an end if he leaves WWE for AEW, the source further said, “The one thing is that you never know with Vince. If it were me and I in Rey’s shoes as far as his own career and his own push and now we’re talking about Dominik I would be more confident with a push in AEW than I would in WWE and being a top guy and not being forgotten as well.”

Mysterio is now 45 years old and he is more concerned about his son’s push than his career, as Mysterio has achieved a lot in the last few years than other wrestlers of his age. Mysterio is more injury prone but he will draw more money to any promotion he goes to. What do you think should Mysterio stay in WWE or should he try in AEW.

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