Wrestle Square: Dangal Ke Soorma 2019 8/24/19 Result

Wrestle Square: Dangal Ke Soorma 2019 8/24/19 Result

The inaugural season of Dangal Ke Soorma is expected to create a massive buzz in the wrestling world and will certainly be a big game-changer for the wrestling fans in India.

Show starts, the manager Carl Hella meets few wrestlers at the gym where he speaks to them about starting a wrestling event in India. The host Ushma kicks off the show by introducing then a very first match of the evening.

Match 1: Lady Killer and Alex Cusev vs. Zoro and Stryker

Before the bell rings, Hella enters the ring and introduces the foreign fighters Killer and Alex Cusev. Killer spoke about the spices in the food and women in India. The Indian wrestler Stryker then takes the microphone and talks about how he and Zoro will dismantle the foreign wrestlers for good.

Bell rings, Cusev and Stryker start the match, Cusev was seen dominating Stryker in as submission armlock move at the beginning of the match, Alex then tags Killer, he enters and demands Stryker to tag Zoro which he does. Zoro then shows some amazing skills which he is known for.

Zoro then tags Stryker, he then enters the ring, Killer was seen dominating Stryker at the corner of the ring turnbuckle. Killer then goes and attacks Stryker and goes for the pin, Stryker kicks out at one count.

Killer then tags Killer, he continued to attack Stryker in the middle of the ring and mocks Zoro. Cusev then mocks Stryker as well in the ring and tags Killer. Stryker then gained momentum and attacks Killer. Killer tags Cusev, he hits Stryker with an over the ropes missile dropkick and goes for the pin to which Stryker kicks out at two.

Later Killer who was in the ring tags Cusev and Stryker tags Zoro. Zoro hits Cusev with a suplex and goes for the pin which Cusev kicks out. Cusev then deliverers a Rock Bottom followed by punches to Zoro, both were seen exchanging punched in the middle of the ring.

Cusev then kicks Zoro in the midsection and hits him with a Spear. Cusev then tags Killer, he then hits Zoro with an over the rope dropkick and goes for the pin as Zoro kicks out. Stryker enters the ring and hits double DDT to both Killer and Cusev.

Later, Stryker helps Zoro to gets up on his feet to attack Killer, suddenly a mysterious man with long hair and a long jacket enters the ring and attacks both Stryker and Zoro. Then the mysterious wrestler stands face to face with Carl at the ringside.

Winner: No winner – Due to outside interference.

Backstage, the mysterious man meets Carl at his office and introduces himself as Baliyan Akki where he makes it clear that he is the only one who deserves to be in the ring as he is the future of pro wrestling, and he wants his team to face Carl’s wrestler in the ring of Dangal Ke Soorma – and they seal the deal with a handshake.

Match 2: Mephisto vs. Alexis Lee

Both the female wrestlers get engaged in trash talk with each other.

Bell rings, Mephisto goes straight to attack the right arm of Lee and holds in into an submission move. Later, both wrestlers head outside the ring and exchange chest chops to each other.

Later in the ring, they continued to attack each other, Lee then was seen holding Mephisto in a submission move near the ring ropes to which the referee had to break the hold due to ten count.

Later, Mephisto was seen holding Lee in a submission move by applying pressure to her lower back hold at the middle of the ring, Mephisto releases the hold and continues to attack Lee.

Mephisto then delivers chest chops to Lee, Mephisto then puts Lee upside down over the ropes and runs over to her and hits with a kick due to which Lee’s neck was pressed against to the ropes. Lee then gains momentum and attacks Mephisto and goes for the pin as Mephisto kicks out.

Mephisto then throws Lee to the ropes and slams her in the ring and pins her for victory.

Winner: Mephisto.

Carl then talks about the match and says that his female wrestler has lost the match but he still hopes to win soon.

Backstage, Carl and the Baliyan Akki was seen talking to each other, where Carl said that he will introduce more destructive wrestler next week.

This also marks the end of episode 1 and the scorecard shows:

Team Carl Hella:0
Team Baliyan Akki:1

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