Wrestle Square: Dangal Ke Soorma 2019 8/31/19 Result

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Recap of last week (Episode 1): READ

Show starts as the recap was played of the events took place last week.

Carl was seen backstage where he was with a young Indian amateur wrestler named Dinesh asking for a chance to wrestle in Dangal Ke Soorma, by showing his practice videos to Carl and to consider him in near future

Match 1: 2Faan vs. Hayden Zenith.

Bell rings, amazing action was seen between both men in and out fo the ring.

Later in the ring, 2Faan was seen dominating Zenith, 2Faan was then seen holding Zenith in a military press position and slamming him to the ring as Zenith rolls out in pain.

Zenith rolls out of the ring, 2Faan follows him out and slams Zenith’s head to the ringside and throws Zenith in the ring, 2Faan then tries to pin Zenith only to get kicked out at two. Then 2Faan was seen holding Zenith in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, Zenith was seen loosing out air. As the referee was raising his hand to see if he has passed out or not. Zenith quickly gained strength and stood on his feet which allowed him to break the hold.

Later, 2Faan was then seen running towards Zenith only to get kicked by Zenith and gets the pin but kicks out at two counts. As Zenith gains momentum he goes over the rope top, 2Faan gets up and attacks Zenith. Seeing this Baliyan Akki enters the ring and attacks Zenith to which the referee stops the match.

Winner: Hayden Zenith (due to disqualification).

After the match, 2Faan and Baliyan Akki continue to attack Zenith. Carl then grabs the mic and introduces his secret weapon – The Tallest Wrestler in the World, Angaar. As Angaar makes his way out to the ring, Faan and BAliyan continue to attack Zenith as Carl makes a tag team match.

Match 2: 2Faan and Baliyan Akki vs. Hayden Zenith and Angaar.

Bell ring, 2Faan and Akki frequently tag each other and attacks Zenith in the ring. Desperately seeing an opportunity Zenith tags Angaar, he enters the ring and takes 2Faan and Akki out with his dangerous kick and attacks then, he then delivers a chokeslam to Akki and then slams Zenith over 2Faan and Akki and pins 2Faan for the victory.

Winner: Hayden Zenith and Angaar.

After the match, Angaar was seen taking Zenith toward the entrance ramp over his shoulders as they celebrate their victory.

Backstage Carl was seen very happy with his secret weapon Angaara destruction in the ring.

Match 3: Shaurya Veer and Team Fateh vs. Balmat, Skyler, Ransaa and Capt. Dhruva – Eight Men-Tag Team Match

Bell rings, Druva and Veer start the match, and Veer was seen attacking Druva and threw him out of the ring. All men were seen attacking each other out of the ring, as Shaurya jumps over them from over the ropes, later, Shaurya Veer and Team Fateh celebrates in the ring as their opponents were lying out of the ring in pain.

Later, the match begins again, Dhruva and Veer were seen in the ring attacking each other. Veer then tags Shaurya and Dhruva then tag Ransaa, both men attack each other and frequently tags each other team members.

Later, Ransaa and Shaurya who were the legal men in the ring at that point of the time exchange punch as Ransaa tags Dhruva. Dhruva enters and attacks Shaurya, then Dhruva distracts the referee as this gave a chance to his team members to attacks Shaurya behind the referees back. Amazing back and forth action were displayed in the ring.

Later, legal men at this point Dhruva and Team Fateh’s Shane The Insane were in the ring, where Shane hits Dhruva with a running reversal neck breaker and goes for the pin as the pin was unsuccessful due interference.

Later, once again all men enter the ring one by one and attack their opponents. Dhruv was then seen over the ropes ready to jump, Shane quickly runs over the ropes and gets slams by Dhruve in the middle of the ring, bodies were seen lying in the ring.

Later, Shaurya then attacks Ransaa with his swinging finisher and pins him for victory.

Winner: Shaurya Veer and Team Fateh.

Backstage, during the postmatch interview, Carl was seen as a very happy man as he has two back to back wins tonight.

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