WWE 205 Live 2020 – 05/22/2020 – 22th May 2020 Live Result And Review

WWE 205 Live 2020 – 22th May 2020 Result And Review

WATCH: WWE 205 Live 5/22/2020 Online

Match 1: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel.

Bell rings, both teams brought the fight in the ring, Lorcan was seen dominating Parker and Martel. Then Lorcan was then seen holding Parker in a Boston Crab submission. Parker rolls out and tags Martel.

Later, Martel was seen controlling Lorcan in the ring, Lorcan gained the control of the match and delivered a modified neck breaker to Martel. Martel then desperately tags Parker and Lorcan tags, Burch.

Burch and Parker were seen in the ring, where Burch was dominating Parker. Martel then tags himself and attacks Burch and goes for the pinfall, Lorcan saves it. Later Burch holds Martel in submission and Lorcan holds Parker in another submission at the same time to earn the victory for their team.

Winner: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

Match 2: Tyler Breeze vs. Isaiah Swerve Scott.

Bell rings, Breeze and Scott squares off, where Scott focuses on Breeze’s left wrist. Breeze rolls out of it, then both men lock horns at the centre of the ring, where Breeze was seen overpowering Scott as he was way more experience in the ring.

Once again they lock horns, Scott then attacks Breeze. As Scott was about to jump over Breeze from the top of the ropes, Scott trips his leg and Breeze attacked him. Scott rolls out of the ring being frustrated of his mistake, Breeze runs behind him and attacks him and throws him in the ring.

In the ring, Breeze dominated Scott and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts. Breeze then slams Scott’s back to the ringside turnbuckle. As Breeze as hitting Scott, Scott delivered a vicious right arm punch out of nowhere and knocked Breeze out cold.

Scott then kicked Breeze on his face out of the ring, in the ring, Scott slams Breeze’s face to the ring canvas and tried to pin him but it ended in two counts.

Scott then became a victim of a vicious kick from Breeze which he received on his face, Breeze then rolls Scott for a pin but it ended in two counts. Frustrated Scott then rolls Breeze backwards and slammed him with a German suplex and went for a pinfall but it ended in two counts.

Scott then delivered a mini neck breaker, to which Breeze responded with a kick to Scott’s face and went for the pinfall but it ended in two counts. Breeze then placed Scott on the top of the ropes, as Breeze was about to carry him over his shoulder, Scott rolls out and slams Breeze with a Confidence Booster and pins him for a much-needed win.

Winner: Isaiah Swerve Scott.

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